Liquid Feed Committee Reps Hold Training at FDA CVM Staff College
Leanna Nail, director of administration
Monday, March 10, 2014
by: Leanna Nail, director of administration

Section: Spring 2014

Cathy Bandyk, Ph.D., of Westway Feed Products demonstrates the benefits of liquid feed at an FDA CVM Staff College training session.

Representatives from three liquid feed companies traveled to Washington, D.C., in January to participate in an educational training session the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine’s Staff College hosted. CVM offers the opportunity for feed industry leaders to present course instruction geared toward developing a better understanding of the industry to the chemists, drug reviewers, animal scientists, veterinary officers and consumer safety officers that work for CVM.
Cathy Bandyk, Ph.D. (Westway Feed Products) kicked off the course, “Liquid Feed: Insights from Industry Experts,” providing an overview of liquid feed supplementation, the far reaching scope of its use, the volume produced in the U.S. and the range of ingredients used in manufacturing liquids. She shared scientific data supporting the value in specific situations and offered insights into how liquid feeds benefit animal growth, health and the environment.
Dan Dhuyvetter, Ph.D., (Ridley Block Operations) and Mike Crepeau (Adisseo USA) presented on liquid feed manufacturing processes, formulation, nutritional values, delivery and feeding methods, sharing the benefits of liquid supplementation as a carrier for safe and cost effective delivery of vitamins, enzymes and FDA approved drugs.
At the presentation’s conclusion, CVM staff and liquid feed representatives were able to network to further discuss insight into the niche sector of the feed industry. CVM stressed an open-door invitation for the Liquid Feed Committee, as well as other AFIA committees, to present on a laundry list of topics moving forward. 
For more information on the CVM training or the Liquid Feed Committee, contact Leanna Nail, AFIA’s director of administration, or (703) 558-3567.
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