IFEEDER Thrives in 2013
Ken Thomas, executive director
Monday, March 10, 2014
by: Ken Thomas, executive director

Section: Spring 2014

IFEEDER Background

The foundation was developed to allow AFIA member companies, friendly third parties associated with the industry and individuals to contribute to the education and research that sustains our industry and moves it forward. Donations received are tax deductible and support the research IFEEDER is involved in allowing the foundation to attack the issues facing the feed industry on a united front.
Support for the Institute for Feed Education & Research continues to grow among both individual and corporate stakeholders in the feed industry.  In 2013, the broadening base of contributors allowed the foundation to take on new projects, while continuing progress towards its long-term financial goals.

"The mission of IFEEDER is to 'sustain the future of food and feed production through education and research.'"

IFEEDER Chair Dean Warras said the Board of Trustees takes the foundation’s mission very seriously and “while we greatly appreciate every contribution we have received to date, it will take even broader participation—from corporate, individual and third-party donors—to accomplish our goals.”
The largest single donation received by IFEEDER to date came in 2013 from the Equipment Manufactures Committee.  
“The Equipment Manufactures Committee is proud to be able to make such a significant contribution to IFEEDER as it is a nonprofit that ensures continual research and education in our industry, something our committee believes in wholeheartedly,” said EMC Chairman Randy Stauffer.
IFEEDER will work closely with EMC, who originally developed the collegiate scholarship fund for students pursuing degrees related to the feed industry, to continue its legacy, funding scholarships for students at Kansas State University as well as two additional schools (yet to be determined). Each scholarship is for a five-year commitment.

Several state feed associations have also joined the list of IFEEDER donors, including the Illinois Feed and Grain Association, Tennessee Feed and Grain Association and the Florida Feed Association.
“We appreciate their acknowledgement of the value our coordinated efforts can bring to our industry,” said Warras. “We are looking to other state organizations to follow their example.”
Another first this year for IFEEDER was the support of the Chicago Feed Club (CFC), which donated $7,500 to IFEEDER. Part of this contribution was raised during a one-day event in October, which featured golf and shooting clays.
As the feed industry has consolidated, CFC activities have become less frequent. This past fall the “Old Buzzards” (previous CFC presidents – Patti Cardoso, Greg Schmoll, Tim Jacobson, Tom Schmidt and Chad Risley) decided to organize a fundraising event raising funds for their charity of choice—IFEEDER. CFC hopes to hold similar fundraisers for the foundation in the future.
“It is exciting to see activities like this coming out of our industry to support IFEEDER,” said Ken Thomas, Executive Director of the 501(c)(3). 
“How does it make you feel when you hear the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization declared animal agriculture as the leading worldwide producer of greenhouse gasses? How does it make you feel when elitists claim that feeding grain to animals is taking away productive crop acres that should be used to feed humans?” asked Thomas. “These are just two of the areas where IFEEDER is developing sound quantitative and qualitative research to debunk these claims.”
Upon completion of the foundation’s research, IFEEDER informs AFIA member companies, friendly third parties and in some cases even consumer.
IFEEDER trustees are currently gearing up for their silent auction, which will again be held at the Purchasing and Ingredient Suppliers Conference this year.  According to Bill Braman, chairman of the event, “The auction has been a fun and effective way to raise funds for IFEEDER activities. The items that drew greatest attention last year were sporting event tickets, vacation trips, hunting and fishing trips, autographed sports memorabilia, jewelry and bed and breakfast packages.”
“We want to thank the corporations and individuals who donated and/or participated in the silent auction in 2013 to make it such a successful event,” added Braman.
Companies who donate to the silent auction are publicly recognized for their gifts and donations are tax deductible.  All those interested in sponsoring an activity for the benefit of IFEEDER should contact Thomas at kthomas@ifeeder.org or (703) 650-0142.
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