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Monday, March 10, 2014

Section: Spring 2014

Marketing Committee
The American Feed Industry Association Marketing Committee provides AFIA marketing and market research expertise and promotes the development and employment of market information that enables AFIA to be more responsive to the needs of its membership. The committee provides counsel and assists in marketing the value of AFIA, develops strategic marketing recommendations, supports the Third-Party Certification programs including the Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program, the International Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program and two pet food specific programs—Pet Food Ingredient Facility Certification Program and the Pet Food Manufacturing Facility Certification Program.
In addition, annually, the committee assists with updating the Feed Industry Facts and Stats document that is used to provide information to members of Congress, members of the media as well as prospective company members. 
Over the past couple years, the committee has provided AFIA recommendations on various industry-wide groups to become more engaged to help AFIA meet the overall goal of reaching out to consumers as part of the five-year sustainability initiative. AFIA has been a longtime supporter and founder of the Animal Agriculture Alliance, and recently became involved with the Center for Food Integrity and the Alliance to Feed the Future based on conservations and support from the Marketing Committee as well as the Networking, Education and Mentoring in Agriculture Committee.
Finally, the committee continues to discuss the possible development of a training and education program around the area of feed and feed ingredient sales and marketing. If your company would be interested in this type of training, please contact Sarah Novak, the staff committee contact.
Committee members try to meet in person twice per year—once during the Spring Committee Meetings and again at AFIA’s office near Washington, D.C., in the fall. They also meet via conference call as needed. 
The staff liaison is Sarah Novak, AFIA’s vice president of membership and public relations, who can be  reached (703) 558-3574 or

Nutrition Committee
Historically a very active committee that has seen many changes in the industry, the American Feed Industry Association’s Nutrition Committee remains a home for many technical experts on animal nutrition. For that very reason, the committee has engaged in a number of issues over the course of the last year.
The National Research Council periodically releases reports on the nutrient requirements for many animal species. In 2001, the “Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle, Seventh Revised Edition” was released. Last year, it was announced that through the American Dairy Science Association and 11 co-sponsoring organizations, full funding had been secured. The Institute for Feed Education and Research, AFIA’s foundation, was one of the co-sponsors. The Ruminant Subcommittee, comprised of dairy cattle experts, submitted over 30 nominees (organized by expertise) to serve on the committee. The Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources was very appreciative of AFIA’s assistance.
The Non-ruminant Subcommittee was also called on for their expertise when the Association of American Feed Control Officials decided to review the swine feed labeling regulations (because NRC released a new “Nutrient Requirements of Swine” edition). Changing the label requirements requires a review by 10 nutritionists—five from industry and five from academia. The Nutrition Committee was able to quickly provide 11 names for the AAFCO Swine Label Working Group.
AFIA’s U.S. Steering Task Force for the International Feed Industry Federation Global Feed Additive Project transitioned its work on the IFIF-Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations “Contribution of Specialty Feed Ingredients to Livestock Sustainability” project to the Non-ruminant Subcommittee. The Nutrition Committee will provide the North America leadership role in the IFIF Feed Additive Project.
Dr. Randy Walker (DPI Global) was named the 2013 recipient of an AFIA Nutrition Committee Award of Merit. The award was presented with the following caption, “The Nutrition Committee, NMIG and the feed industry as a whole owe you a debt of gratitude for your service, leadership and dedication.” Additionally, AFIA announced six recipients of Nutrition Research Awards. Members of the Nutrition Committee helped present these awards..
The Nutrition Committee met twice last year. First was in March at the Spring Committee Meetings before the start of the Purchasing and Ingredient Supplier Conference in Orlando, Fla. The committee plans to continue holding an annual Nutrition Symposium at this meeting. Members also met at the American Dairy Science Association /American Society of Animal Science Joint Annual Meeting in July. JAM 2014 will be held in Kansas City, Mo, July 20-24.
For more information, contact Richard Sellers, AFIA senior vice president of legislative and regulatory affairs, at or (703) 558-3569, or Paul Keppy, AFIA legislative and regulatory specialist, at or (703) 650-0144. 
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