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Providing Expert Legislative and Regulatory Leadership
Thursday, July 3, 2014

Section: Spring 2014

The American Feed Industry Association team includes experts—true industry insiders—who have the background knowledge and insider expertise to answer the questions and concerns on our members’ minds.
With Joel Newman, Richard Sellers, Keith Epperson, Leah Wilkinson, Henry Turlington, Gina Tumbarello and Paul Keppy on the AFIA staff and Steve Kopperud, Philip Olsson and Arthur Tsien serving as consultants, the AFIA legislative and regulatory teams have more than a combined 250 years of experience in the total feed industry. 

While most of AFIA’s focus is on the federal government, which includes the House of Representatives, Senate, Department of Agriculture, Food and Drug Administration, Office of the United States Trade Representative and Environmental Protection Agency, the association also works with agencies and legislatures in individual states. 

In addition, AFIA has been actively engaged with the American Association of Feed Control Officials since the formation of both organizations in 1909. AFIA and AAFCO share a common history and have worked closely together for more than 100 years. AFIA staff and members even serve as advisors for each of the AAFCO committees. 

We know there is change ahead in the years to come, but rest assured, AFIA is prepared to meet the needs of our members as we are continually evolving with the times to provide not only expert legislative and regulatory leadership, but a quality membership experience overall.  
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