Joel G. Newman, president and CEO
Wednesday, March 11, 2015
by: Joel G. Newman, president and CEO

Section: Spring 2015

Last June, AFIA President and CEO Joel G. Newman joined several member companies in traveling to China to meet with the China Feed Economic Committee (CFEC - feed industry organization) and the China Feed Industry Association (CFIA - government organization similar to FDA). The objective of the trip was to learn more about the industry and regulatory process in China, and identify opportunities for the two countries to work closer together. Based on the positive results of these meetings, AFIA signed a Memorandum of Understanding. 
The initial efforts together are focused on:
  • Sharing best practices and technology related to feed and food safety;
  • Ensuring the sustainability of the industry, including best practices for protecting our environmental resources;
  • Collaborating on developments impacting feed regulatory issues; and
  • Providing new and effective educational and training opportunities.
China is an important supplier of ingredients to the U.S. feed industry and also an important market for our feed additives and technology. The two groups agreed that both of our industries share an overall objective of opening access to each other’s markets for current and updated technologies; ensuring the quality and safety of imported products; and reducing the time and cost for companies in gaining regulatory approvals for products in both markets. Working closer together will enable us to better meet these objectives.  
Since this trip, the new relationships are benefiting efforts to address trade issues between our countries. China industry members have also expressed interest in participating in the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance partnership (LEAP), which is developing the Global Feed Life Cycle Assessment Guidelines (, and the Global Feed Life Cycle Assessment database project. AFIA has been a partner in leading these projects with FAO, the European Feed Manufacturers Federation and the International Feed Industry Federation. The resulting guidelines and database will be the global standard for measuring the feed industry’s impact on the environment and also a benchmark to measure the industry’s improvement going forward. This is important to ensure that agencies like the U.S. Environmental Agency and global organizations do not misrepresent our industry and develop inappropriate new regulations or standards.
AFIA has signed agreements with several foreign feed industries in the past, where there are sound synergistic opportunities to work together for the benefit of both national industries. Examples include Canada, Australia, Morocco and South Africa.
For more information on this MOU, contact Newman at, or Gina Tumbarello, AFIA director of international policy and trade, at (703) 558-3561 or
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