IFEEDER Seeks Proposals for Feed Industry Specific Research Projects
Ken Thomas, executive director
Wednesday, March 11, 2015
by: Ken Thomas, executive director

Section: Spring 2015

The Institute for Feed Education & Research is committed to its mission of sustaining the future of our food and feed production through education and research. Support of research projects that will assist the industry in meeting the needs of a growing world population are vital. With this goal in mind, the foundation has recently requested land grant universities, federal research entities and other related research organizations submit research proposals that meet specific, well-defined criteria and fall under at least one of the following four categories:
  • Legislative and Regulatory Issues
  • Feed Safety/Food Safety
  • Nutrition (NRC and other) and Health (wellbeing)
  • Sustainability – environment, economic and social
Final selection of the projects to be funded will be made by the IFEEDER Research Committee. For additional information on the request for proposal, please contact Dr. Chad Risley, chair of the IFEEDER Research Committee, at crisley@Berg-Schmidt.com.
IFEEDER, with its partner, the American Feed Industry Association, provided $100,000 to the National Pork Board toward feed-related research for porcine epidemic diarrhea virus. Several grants were approved by the Pork Board in April and funded for six months. Those projects included:
  • Risk assessment of feed ingredients of porcine origin as vehicles for transmission of PEDV
  • Evaluation of the risk of a feed mill being contaminated with PEDV or similar viruses
  • Determining the impact of conditioning time and temperature in pelleted diets on PEDV survivability in complete swine diets
  • Post-processing contamination chemical mitigation strategies to control PEDV in feed and feed ingredients
  • Feasibility of viability PCR and ex-vivo bioassay to detect viable PEDV in feed interventions to control PEDV in feed and feed ingredients
  • Ex-vivo bioassay method to assess viral infectivity in feeds and non-traditional sample matrices
Preliminary results are currently being received by the Pork Board PEDV Working Group. The results will be sent to AFIA members in the coming months.  
IFEEDER is very appreciative of the donations made to support this specific project made by AFIA and AFIA member companies, IFEEDER’s core base.
IFEEDER is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation serving the feed industry. Tax-deductible contributions are welcome. For more information, please contact Ken Thomas, IFEEDER executive director, at kthomas@ifeeder.org.
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