Quality Committee
Henry Turlington, director of quality and manufacturing regulatory affairs
Wednesday, March 11, 2015
by: Henry Turlington, director of quality and manufacturing regulatory affairs

Section: Spring 2015

It has been an active year for the AFIA Quality Committee with major revisions to the FSC36 Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program. A new guidance document was created for Safe Feed/Safe Food. Implementation guidance was developed in order to provide the facilities seeking certification with better direction and information to help accomplish certification. Auditing guidance was prepared to improve the consistency across auditors evaluating facilities for compliance. 
The Quality Committee is now preparing for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s release of the final animal food rule for the Food Safety Modernization Act in August 2015 by developing recommendations for training programs to the industry. Recommendations include areas such as Safe Feed/Safe Food, current good manufacturing practices, hazard analysis and preventive controls. All avenues of training are being assessed, including face-to-face meetings or workshops, webinars, newsletters and video. The AFIA Quality Committee will be very active for the coming fiscal year 2015-16.
The American Feed Industry Association Quality Committee is focused on promoting quality and food safety throughout the animal feed industry. The purpose of the quality committee is to: 
  • Aggressively promote and maintain the Safe Feed/Safe Food program. This includes monitoring the industry needs both internationally and domestically and making recommendations to improve the program to meet the changes needed of the industry.
  • Evaluate the industry needs for quality and food safety training. The committee is charged with providing recommendations for members to improve their quality and food safety programs, including example documents and supporting information.  
  • Advise AFIA on Codex Alimentarus (FAO) International Code of Good Animal Feeding Practices and be liaison with the International Feed Industry Federation.
  • Advise AFIA on feed safety and quality issues in the industry and make recommendations on rapid response strategies to consumer food safety issues.
  • Keep other committees informed about quality and food safety issues that could affect our industry and provide recommendations.
For more information on this committee, contact Henry Turlington, AFIA director of quality and manufacturing regulatory affairs, at (703) 650-0146 or hturlington@afia.org.
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