Section: Spring 2015
President's Message
As you read this we will be well into 2015, complete with lower ingredient prices and increasing feed demand in most sectors of the industry--what a great way to start the year. The industry has successfully weathered the $8 corn prices and confirmed this is not the new norm. Several events have increased the volatility and frequency of swings in the grain and feed ingredient markets, as well as animal production adjustments, and again, the industry has shown the resiliency to deal with these events.
Regulatory Outlook
Each year the American Feed Industry Association reviews the major issues of the year to detail what occurred previously and look into our crystal ball for the year to come. As we have learned from the past, most issues don't change with a new year, as regulatory issues are usually on a continuum. However, there is no disagreement the major issue this year--and last--was the publication of the animal food proposed rules and the expected publication of animal food rules in August 2015, by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, implementing the Food Safety Modernization Act signed into law in 2011.
Last June, AFIA President and CEO Joel G. Newman joined several member companies in traveling to China to meet with the China Feed Economic Committee (CFEC - feed industry organization) and the China Feed Industry Association (CFIA - government organization similar to FDA). The objective of the trip was to learn more about the industry and regulatory process in China, and identify opportunities for the two countries to work closer together. Based on the positive results of these meetings, AFIA signed a Memorandum of Understanding.
Legislative & Regulatory Leadership Actions
A synopsis of significant actions taken by AFIA on behalf of member companies in the legislative and regulatory arenas. For additional information on any of these items, please contact AFIA staff.
Legislative Outlook
Instead, he has staked out administration positions on major issues from taxing the rich to supplement the poor and middle class to proposing free two-year community college tuition. Obama avoided several contentious issues, save for saying if bills to block his executive order on immigration, his efforts on climate change or manipulation of the Dodd-Frank financial regulation law reach his desk, "they will earn my veto."
State Legislative and Regulatory Activites
Every state has a feed law and regulates animal food except the state of Alaska. The American Feed Industry Association was founded on the basis of seeking uniformity of state feed laws and regulations in order to allow for interstate commerce. AFIA staff continues to work on this endeavor, even after 106 years.
OSHA Update
The American Feed Industry Association is in the final stage of completing a guidance document and Model Safety Data Sheets (SDS), which will walk members through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Communication Hazard Communication Standard (updated March 2012) and its requirements related to feed, pet food and ingredients. The update conforms with the United Nations Globally Harmonized Standard for Communications of Chemicals (GHS), which is referenced in the rule.
International Trade
In December 2014, President Barack Obama announced he would be moving to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba. Since then, the Departments of Treasury and Commerce have released new, looser regulations on doing business with Cuba. This does not, however, mean a lift of the broader trade embargo that has been in place since 1962.
Southern States Cooperative Named 2014 Feed Mill of the Year
Southern States Cooperative of Park City, Ky., is the 2014 Feed Mill of the Year. The annual award recognizes overall excellence in feed manufacturing operations and is sponsored by the American Feed Industry Association and Feedstuffs newspaper.
The Feed Mill of the Year award runner-up is Kent Nutrition Group located in Hagerstown, Md.
Kent has been in business for more than 85 years and manufactures commercial livestock feed through its Kent brand and country lifestyle and companion animal feed through its Blue Seal brand.
Caldwell Inducted into Liquid Feed Hall of Fame
David Caldwell, Ph.D., was inducted into the American Feed Industry Association's Liquid Feed Hall of Fame in September, the highest award offered by the AFIA Liquid Feed Committee and the liquid feed industry.
AFIA Releases Liquid Feed Tonnage Report
Also announced during the Liquid Feed Symposium, AFIA's Liquid Feed Committee released the results of its 2014 Liquid Feed Tonnage Report, revealing an overall increase in liquid feed production, up 6.25 percent from 2012 to 2013.
AFIA Awards Penny Newman for Technological Advancement
The Penny Newman Grain Company/Cowbos Liquid Feeds is the winner of the American Feed Industry Association's 2014 Information Technology Innovation Award for its remote computing technology. The award, sponsored by AFIA, Feed & Grain magazine and AgGateway, acknowledges technological advancements in the feed and food industry to meet the demand of a growing population.
AFIA's 4 Promises Now More Promising
Nearly 10 years ago, the American Feed Industry Association conducted a major overhaul of the services offered to members. During that time, the AFIA Board of Directors endorsed the "4 Promises to Members." As times have changed, the Board, through the membership initiative, directed the staff to review what the member's needs and wants are from the association.
Take a Look: AFIA Launches Website Redesign
The American Feed Industry Association is excited to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website, The responsive and more user-friendly site is now live for everyone to access.
NIAA: Information, Education and Solutions for Challenges Facing Animal Ag
In 2014, the American Feed Industry Association became a member of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture. AFIA has asked NIAA to share their story in our Journal guest column:

The National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) is a group whose main objective is to educate and facilitate conversation within the agricultural industry. Members represent all facets of the agricultural industry, and NIAA is able to bring stakeholders together to find a consensus on the many issues facing animal agriculture.
IFEEDER Seeks Proposals for Feed Industry Specific Research Projects
The Institute for Feed Education & Research is committed to its mission of sustaining the future of our food and feed production through education and research. Support of research projects that will assist the industry in meeting the needs of a growing world population are vital.
AFIA Hosts Record-setting IPPE
The International Production & Processing Expo, sponsored by the American Feed Industry Association, North American Meat Institute and U.S. Poultry & Egg Association, exceeded all expectations with a record-breaking estimated 30,000 registrants, 1,288 exhibitors and 490,000 net square feet of exhibit space. IPPE--hosted in Atlanta, Ga., each year--is the world's largest annual feed, meat and poultry industry event of its kind.
Import/Export Seminar Gives Positive Outlook on Trade
The American Feed Industry Association held its Import/Export Seminar in Arlington, Va., Dec. 9-10, 2014, which drew more than 60 attendees, some from as far as Japan. The program, hosted every-other-year, was first held in 2010, and is geared toward individuals responsible for the importing and/or exporting of products for their company, and who are interested in learning how the varying government agencies support the U.S. feed industry's international commerce interests.
Successful AFIA EMC Addresses Feeding the World
The American Feed Industry Association's annual Equipment Manufacturers Conference generated, yet again, a successful turnout. The conference held in Palm Springs, Calif., Nov. 6-8, focused on "Feeding the World: Challenges and Opportunities."
AFIA Sustainability Initiative Update
As population and demand continue to rise, the feed industry must use technology to make improvements within our business, including reducing the impacts--both environmental and fiscal--while increasing efficiencies. To share the importance of sustainability with American Feed Industry Association member companies, AFIA, with guidance from AFIA's Sustainability Oversight Committee, decided to produce a brief video to discuss the benefits and importance of being involved in sustainable, continuous improvements, as well as spread the excitement of one industry headed in one direction as we move into the future.
AFIA's Oldest Committee Continues Its Historic Tradition
One of the primary objectives in forming the American Feed Industry Association's predecessor, the American Feed Manufacturers Association (founded in 1909 and changed to AFIA in 1985), was to promote the uniformity of feed labeling and regulation across the U.S. By that time there were some 30 new state feed laws with differing label requirements, making it difficult to create a correct label. AFMA formed a Feed Control Committee, its first committee, to work on creating uniformity.
Quality Committee
It has been an active year for the AFIA Quality Committee with major revisions to the FSC36 Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program. A new guidance document was created for Safe Feed/Safe Food. Implementation guidance was developed in order to provide the facilities seeking certification with better direction and information to help accomplish certification. Auditing guidance was prepared to improve the consistency across auditors evaluating facilities for compliance.
Take 5 for Best Practices
A well written job description can help snag the right candidate for the job. The job description is your employer's introduction to the candidate, so it should be clear, concise and free of any grammatical or spelling errors.
AFIA Releases 2014 Salary Survey; Results Available for Purchase
The American Feed Industry Association conducted an industry salary survey in 2014, which gathered information from more than 40 positions such as plant manager, purchasing director and sales manager. Information collected contained salary and benefits package material.
Member News
With more than 20 years at 4B Components Ltd, Johnny Wheat was appointed president on Oct. 8, 2014. Wheat will be in charge of North, Central and South America. Wheat was past Chairman of AFIA's Equipment Manufacturers Conference.
New AFIA Members
A listing of new AFIA members.
New Guidance Document for Safe Feed/Safe Food Implemented
Safe Feed/Safe Food was launched in 2004 with the first facilities obtaining certification the following year. Since the beginning of the Safe Feed/Safe Food program, the number of certifications has expanded to four options. FSC36 Safe Feed/Safe Food is the most popular certification and is considered the core offering of the program.
AFIA President Celebrates 10 Years with Association
Joel G. Newman is the president and CEO of the American Feed Industry Association. Prior to joining AFIA, he served as Chairman of the Board of Directors from May to September 2004.
AFIA's Gausmann Chosen as "20 in their Twenties" in Meeting Planning
Katharine Gausmann, AFIA's events and meetings specialist, was honored for her dedication to the field of event planning this past November. Each year, the Professional Convention Management Association--one of the leading professional associations of its kind--selects a class of young professionals for its "20 in their Twenties" program. The program is designed to engage the best and brightest young professionals in the meetings industry by recognizing emerging leaders--and their talents--that help accelerate the industry and carry it into the future.
Redding Joins AFIA as Membership Assistant
The American Feed Industry Association welcomes Christina Redding as its membership assistant. Redding provides assistance to the President and CEO Joel G. Newman and works directly with Sarah Novak, AFIA vice president of membership and public relations.