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AFIA/KSU Feed Manufacturing Lifetime Achievement Award

Below is a list of past honorees of the American Feed Industry Association and Kansas State University’s Feed Manufacturing Lifetime Achievement Award.


2023 Dale Presnell, Hayes & Stolz Industrial Manufacturing Co.
2022 Keith Epperson, Kent Feeds
2021 Bill McLean, The Essmueller Company
2020 Keith Behnke, Ph.D., Kansas State University
2018 Fred Fairchild, Kansas State University
2016 Eugene Wagester, WL Port-Land Systems, Inc.
2003 Robert Schoeff, Kansas State University
2000 H. S. “Smitty” Landers, Landers Machine Co.
1999 William Danforth, Ralston Purina
1998 Richard Bradley, Weigh-Tronix
1998 Walter Webster, Blue Seal Feeds
1997 R. Murray Hough, Hough International
1997 Robert McEllhiney, Kansas State University
1996 Vernon Hayes, Hayes and Stolz Industrial Manufacturing
1995 V. John Brensike, U.S. Department of Agriculture
1995 Marion Caldwell, Moorman Manufacturing
1995 W. P. Elmslie
1995 Gerald Karstens, American Feed Manufacturers Association
1995 Lloyd Larson, Midwest Feed Manufacturers Association
1995 Harry Pfost, Kansas State University
1995 James Pierce, Milk Specialties Company
1995 John Shellenberger, Kansas State University
1995 Joe Sloan, Cosby Hodges Milling Company
1995 Robert Wornick, Charles Pfizer and Company