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Apply to be an AFIA Feed Facility of the Year


Would you like to know how your plant compares to other similar plants across the country? You could have access to important comparative scorecards, as well as the opportunity to be recognized as an American Feed Industry Association Feed Facility of the Year, by participating in the 2023 Feed Facility of the Year (FFY) program.

The award program recognizes overall excellence in feed manufacturing operations, emphasizing safety, quality, regulatory compliance and operating efficiencies. The FFY program offers four categories: commercial dry manufacturer, liquid feed manufacturer, integrator manufacturer and premix/ingredient manufacturer. Each category has its own facility of the year award and the programs run at different times throughout the year, with each category winner being recognized at different venues. Each category offers other awards such as the highest scores for safety, quality and food safety and production efficiency. 

See the table below to find out when the AFIA, and its industry partner Feedstuffs, are accepting applications for your category.

It should only take applicants a few hours to collect the information needed to apply.

Liquid feed manufacturer Application closed
Commercial dry manufacturer Apply now PDF document
Integrator manufacturer Apply now PDF document
Premix/Ingredient manufacturer Apply now PDF document



A list of past winners can be found here .

A $100 application fee for AFIA members is due at the time of submission. It can be paid in the online store or you can request an invoice. Please note, non-members are not eligible for awards, but will receive a copy of the benchmarking report.

For additional questions, contact Gary Huddleston, AFIA’s director of feed manufacturing and regulatory affairs, at (703) 666-8854.