about afia


The American Feed Industry Association is overseen by three governing bodies. Learn about their roles in the descriptions below.

  • leadershipThe 48-member AFIA Board of Directors is the governing body of the association by the power authorized within the bylaws. Among its many duties, the BOD is responsible for: approving the overall strategic direction for the association and ensuring all objectives are met; approving all proposals as required by the bylaws; approving the annual operating budget and capital expenditures in excess of $10,000; and electing AFIA officers and members of the Executive Committee. One-third of the BOD rotates off each year and new members are appointed for three-year terms. The nominating committee strives each year to maintain a balance of representation from each industry segment and to encourage new members to serve on the BOD.
  • The 15-member AFIA Executive Committee serves as the executive body when the BOD is not in session, exercising the authority granted by the BOD. Among its many duties, the Executive Committee works with the AFIA president and staff in recommending an annual operating budget for the association, providing fiscal oversight, and developing the association’s strategic plan for review and approval by the BOD. Executive Committee members are nominated and approved by the BOD.
  • The AFIA Officers work directly with the staff in monitoring progress on AFIA objectives and addressing specific issues of the association. It includes several members of the BOD, including the current BOD chair, chair-elect and immediate past chair, as well as the AFIA president and CEO and vice presidents.