about afia

AFIA's Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

The AFIA is committed to representing the total feed industry, as a key segment of the food chain, and member companies’ interests with one industry leadership voice on matters involving federal and state legislation and regulation; keeping members informed of developments important to them; creating opportunities to network and address common issues and interacting with key stakeholders essential to the success of the feed and animal agriculture industries.

Our Vision

We envision a future where our members can continue providing their customers with nutritious, safe and high-quality food to feed their livestock, poultry and pets, in accordance with appropriate, science-based regulatory guidelines and industry best practices, thus providing consumers with access to more food choices in the marketplace. We strive to do more with less and will accomplish this by using new technology and working with reliable partners to reduce our environmental footprint—all while keeping consumers informed of where their food comes from.

Our Values

  • We value providing America’s livestock, poultry and pets safe and nutritious food so they stay healthy throughout their lives and reach their genetic potential.
  • We value responsible and science-based animal health and animal food safety regulations that enhance the care of animals, improve the quality and safety of the animal food products we manufacture, promote safer workplaces and more efficient business practices.
  • We value being transparent about how animal food is manufactured and providing consumers with more information to make better informed decisions.
  • We value scientific research that fosters innovation in agriculture, so more people have access to affordable and healthy meat, milk, egg and aquaculture products.
  • We value free and fair global trade and mutual respect between trading partners.
  • We value giving back by working with reliable partners to adopt sustainable practices that help us protect the environment for current and future generations.