June  6 - Aug. 1, 2022
Self-paced virtual platform opens June 6; culminates with live webinar Aug. 1 


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Each lecture within a module will be pre-recorded and uploaded to a web based platform where they can be watched at your own pace starting on June 6. Lectures and questions will be recapped via a live webinar on Aug. 1. Recorded proceedings of the live webinar will be sent after Aug. 1 for those that are not available to watch on that day. The module portals will remain open through Aug. 31. 

Module 1 - self guided - June 6 - 3 hours, 30 minutes

Welcome Introductions & Expectations - Chair, Nutrition Committee - Ashley Stephens, Fieldale Farms Corporation - Length: 3:26
An overview of the U.S. Feed Industry: Segments, Tonnages & Species Affected - Ms. Constance Cullman, American Feed Industry Association - Length: 21:47
Physiology and Nutrition – Monogastric - Dr. Jose Soto, Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition - Length 41:56
Physiology and Nutrition – Ruminant - Dr. Matt Gibson, Southwind Milling Co. LLC - Length: 41:57
Physiology and Nutrition – Companion Animal & Equine - Mr. Todd Steen, ProTrition Feed - Length: 40:16 
Physiology and Nutrition – Young Stock - Mr. Robert Musser, Land O'Lakes Animal Milk Solutions - Length: 48:44

Module 2 - self guided - June 20 - 7 hours, 30 minutes

Animal, Plant Proteins, NPN & Amino Acids - Mr. Fran Mueller, Kalmbach Feeds, Inc. - Length: 60:10 
Energy Sources: Carbohydrates - Dr. Kevin Halpin, International Ingredient Corp. - Length: 36:17
Energy Sources: Fats and Oils - Dr. Chad Risley, Berg+Schmidt America, LLC - Length: 35:09
Vitamins and Minerals - Dr. Kate Jackson and Dr. Trevor Faber, Trouw Nutrition - Length: 52:29
Introduction to Feed Additives- Dr. Anne Koontz, Alltech, Inc. - Length: 44:50
Feed Additives for Animal Food - Dr. Cathy Bandyk, AB Vista - Length: 61:39
Protective, Functional Feed Additives - Dr. Karen Pollock, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health - Length: 45:22
Medications Used in Livestock & Poultry Production - Dr. David Prentice, Elanco Animal Health - Length: 44:23
Putting Things Together: Formulation -  Dr. Brad Lawrence, Novus International, Inc. - Length: 59:35

Module 3 - self guided - July 5 - 5 hours

Liquid Feed & Mill Blends - Mr. J. Randy Davis, Quality Liquid Feeds - Length: 40:20
Sourcing and Purchasing Feed Ingredients - Mr. Jeff Flenniken, Mars Horsecare - Length: 39:27
Transportation and Logistics for Feed & Ingredients - Mr. Matthew Harper, Nutra Blend, LLC - Length: 39:13
Effects of Processing on Quality and Efficiency - Dr. Charles Stark, Kansas State University - Length: 53:17
Quality Assurance - Dr. Andrew Yersin, Kemin Animal Health and Nutrition - Length: 37:28
Sales/Customer Service - Mr. Kevin Larson, Diamond V - Length: 21:30
How Grains Are Traded/Intro to Risk Management - Mr. Rich Jelinek, StoneX Group, Inc. - Length: 61:45

Module 4 - self guided - July 18 - 3 hours, 50 minutes

USDA/APHIS’s Role in Exporting and Importing Feed Products - Dr. Jonathan Lebovitz and Dr. Deborah Langford, USDA/APHIS - Length: 38:30 
Improving Consumers’ Trust: What Those Involved in Agriculture Can Do - Ms. Sarah Muirhead, Feedstuffs - Length: 26:43
An Overview of Regulations Affecting the Feed Industry - Mr. Gary Huddleston, American Feed Industry Association - Length: 22:37
Basics of Feed Biosecurity - Dr. Cassandra Jones, Kansas State University - Length:46:25
Understanding the U.S. Feed Ingredient Review Processes - Ms. Leah Wilkinson, American Feed Industry Association - Length: 26:40
Importance of Trade to the U.S. Animal Food Industry - Ms. Gina Tumbarello, American Feed Industry Association
What’s all the Fuss About FSMA? - Dr. Paul Davis, American Feed Industry Association - Length: 40:00

Live Webinar - Aug. 1 - 2:00-4:00 p.m. EDT

Recap of all the lectures - Dr. Paul Davis, American Feed Industry Association

The seminar will consist of two parts. Part 1 will include multiple pre-recorded presentations that students can watch at their own pace beginning on June 6 (all participants will receive informational emails with log-in instructions and handout materials.) Part 2 will happen on Monday, Aug. 1, when AFIA will host a live online webcast from 2:00-4:00 p.m. Eastern to recap all the presentations and provide an opportunity for students to participate in a live Q&A session with the overall professor, Dr. Paul Davis.

*Topics are subject to change 

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