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Sept. 10-12, 2024 | Radisson Hotel Salt Lake City Downtown
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Hall of Fame

Nomination Instructions

The Liquid Feed Committee developed the Liquid Feed Hall of Fame award in 2003 to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the science and growth of the liquid feed industry. Individuals bestowed with this honor include the founders of this industry sector, which has its roots in more recent decades.

Nominators will be required to submit the following:

  • Nominee's company affiliation/institution and title 
  • List any major contributions the nominee has made to the liquid feed industry (research papers, articles, inventions, etc.)
  • Submit a testimonial (200 words or less)

If you would like to nominate a member for the Hall of Fame award, please submit a completed Hall of Fame 2024 Nomination Form to Paul Davis, Ph.D., AFIA's director of quality, animal food safety and education, at pdavis@afia.orgNominations will be accepted until Friday, July 26.

Past Honorees

2023 Inductee
J. Randy Davis
2021 Inductee
First Liquid Feed Symposium Planning Committee
2019 Inductee
Joe Harris, Ph.D.

2018 Inductee
Kirk Bowman

2017 Inductee
Joe Saini

2016 Inductee
William Hillis, Ph.D.

2015 Inductee
Tom Geary

2014 Inductee
David Caldwell, Ph.D.

2013 Inductee
Chet Fields, Ph.D., PAS

2012 Inductee
William Kunkle, Ph.D. (1948 – 2002)

2011 Inductee
Jack Algeo

2010 Inductee
Findlay M. Pate, Ph.D. (1941-2006)

2009 Inductee
Jon Heindselman

2008 Inductee
Ken Munsch

2007 Inductee
Dean Hodge, Ph.D.

2006 Inductee
R. Hollis Klett, Ph.D.

2005 Inductee
Paul Duea

2004 Inductee
Richard Rawlings
Jerry Skaggs
T. Wayne Perry, Ph.D.

2003 Inductees
Kenny Berg
Richard I. Loomis
Frank Rawlings

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