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Animal Feed Consumption

The Institute for Feed Education and Research commissioned Decision Innovation Solutions (DIS), an economic research and analysis firm, in early 2017 to conduct a study to quantify the amount of food consumed by the top nine livestock, poultry and aquaculture species throughout the various stages of their lives. Working with roughly 25 industry and university subject matter experts, DIS determined the specific diets fed to animals at various stages of their lives and adjusted them for regional dietary differences, due to the availability of ingredients and best management practices.

Overall, DIS found that in 2016, approximately 236.3 million tons of animal food were fed to nine animal species, including: 74.7 million tons to cattle on feed; 56.3 million tons to broilers; and 46.3 million tons to hogs, the top three animal consumers. Corn, the most abundantly produced crop in the United States, made up slightly more than half of the total amount of animal food consumed, but when combined with soybean meal and dried distiller’s grains with solubles (DDGs), represented more than 75 percent of all feed tonnage provided in 2016. Download the full report here and see the national handout.

Click on a state below to see the animal food manufacturing industry’s contribution to that state. Click here to see more infographics and social media graphics. For questions on the data, contact Rob Cooper, IFEEDER's executive director.