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Speaking Up for Science in Rulemaking

Over the past two decades, the animal food industry faced a wide swath of new federal regulations, from ones concerning animal food safety to workplace safety to environmental protection to transportation issues. The American Feed Industry Association staff continues to provide education and counsel to members for compliance and to the federal agencies for proper implementation and enforcement. 

The animal food industry is committed to manufacturing feed and pet food in a safe manner, in accordance with all state and federal laws and regulations. There are regulations on the books which are unclear, duplicative, antiquated or do nothing to enhance the safety of America’s animal food supply, yet cost manufacturers time and resources in order to make the necessary retrofits to their facilities and hire staff to complete the necessary paperwork. 

AFIA continues to engage with federal and state agencies involved in regulating the animal food industry to provide feedback on how regulations are impacting the industry and to offer examples of how current regulations can be streamlined, reduced or improved upon to enhance the safety of America’s animal food supply, reduce the burden on agency staff and reduce costs for the consuming public.

Learn more about some of the laws and regulations that AFIA would like to see improved: