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State Feed Bills

Many of the laws and regulations that animal food manufacturers must follow are mandated at the state level. The American Feed Industry Association, along with most state feed and grain associations in the United States, continue to work together to track, discuss and modify state feed laws and regulations as needed.

Over the past several years, many state legislatures have tackled myriad issues impacting the animal food industry, including the following: rewriting state commercial feed laws, proposing fee increases for tonnage of feed produced or sold in the state, increasing fees on pet foods or feed to pay for programs outside of the commercial feed program (i.e., spay/neuter programs, water quality grants) and making changes to ingredients that can be used in feed.

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has developed a model feed law and regulations for states to use. It includes everything from what are legal feed ingredients to what should be on feed and pet food labels. Every state, except for Alaska, has some version of the AAFCO model bill and regulations.

AFIA strives to achieve harmonization across the state feed laws and regulations, as well as maintain properly funded commercial feed programs that fairly regulate our industry.

For questions or concerns regarding proposed bills or regulations at the state level, contact the following AFIA staff.

  • West – Leah Wilkinson
  • East – Louise Calderwood