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Improving Market Access for U.S. Animal Food Manufacturers

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The American Feed Industry Association values free and fair global trade and mutual respect between trading partners. Just like many industries, the animal food manufacturing industry depends on the sale of its products to international markets. In fact, the future of the U.S. feed industry will be contingent on the demand from beyond U.S. borders.

In 2023, U.S. animal feed and pet food manufacturers exported roughly $13.1 billion in products, including $10.7 billion in feed and feed ingredients and $2.4 billion in pet food products. These exports are vital to the industry’s success.

But, just like you can’t tug a string on a sweater without unraveling the whole thing, trade decisions that impact one industry’s access to a certain market can greatly impact other industries.

Over the past few years, AFIA has been involved in some of the volatile trade policy discussions happening with regard to the North American Free Trade Agreement, China and more. AFIA continues to impress upon the presidential administration and Congress how policy decisions that are being made at the top will trickle down and impact trade for the animal food manufacturing industry. AFIA is also working diligently with the various federal agencies involved in trade to ensure that international standard-setting organizations are making science-based policy decisions and that governments are moving forward with commonsense regulations that do not inhibit the import of U.S. goods.

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