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Fostering Safe, Environmentally Responsible Workplaces

From receiving ingredients to creating and mixing formulas to packaging and shipping, there are a lot of people involved in the manufacture of high-quality, safe and nutritious animal food. Across the country, over 944,000 dedicated individuals not only work hard to protect both human and animal health, but also strive to do so in a way that maintains safe workplaces and respects the environment.

At the American Feed Industry Association, we work with our members on myriad programs to promote workplace safety, including one on standardizing safety labels so all involved in the manufacture of animal food understand the risks and their responsibilities in keeping themselves, and others, safe from harm. We also work with our members to support the industry’s environmental sustainability efforts.

From time to time, AFIA also engages with federal agencies, such as the Departments of Labor and Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Safety and Health Administration, on providing input on workplace and environmental rules and regulations that impact how animal food manufacturers conduct their businesses.