Commercial Feed Manufacturers

As a manufacturer of animal feed, your company is required to follow more and more regulations – from the Food Safety Modernization Act to the Veterinary Feed Directive to the Safety Data Sheets. As a member of the American Feed Industry Association, we promise to keep your company up-to-date on the regulatory and legal rules and changes through educational programs, newsletters and webinars.

As a member, you have the opportunity to get involved in a number of committees–feed regulatory, nutrition, quality, production compliance, or in species-specific committees, such as the equine, aquaculture or pet food committees. This is where the work is done–as regulations change or new rules are written, AFIA staff work with the various committees to solicit feedback on the impact of these changes. This information assists AFIA staff with communicating the impact with regulatory agencies and congressional staff.

AFIA also hosts the annual Purchasing and Ingredient Suppliers Conference – a place where business truly gets done. This is an educational and, more importantly, a networking event, designed by your peers, specifically for companies like yours. It is a chance to learn about what is happening within the industry, think strategically about the future and talk with your many ingredient vendors.

Delivering on Our Promises For Feed Manufacturers

For more information, contact Sarah Novak, AFIA’s chief operating officer, at (703) 558-3574.