Pet Food Manufacturers

As a manufacturer of pet food, you understand the importance of food safety and customer confidence. As a member of the American Feed Industry Association, we promise to keep you apprised of changes on rules and regulations and engage with you on opportunities to submit your feedback on how future rules would impact your business.

AFIA was very integral in the writing of the first model pet food regulations in the 1950s and has been engaged in the pet food industry ever since. A unique feature of AFIA is the AFIA Pet Food Committee, which includes both manufacturers and ingredient suppliers, providing an opportunity for discussion on industry-wide solutions on issues affecting pet food safety.

AFIA also hosts the annual Pet Food Conference at the International Production & Processing Expo. This is an educational and networking event, designed by your peers, specifically for companies like yours. It is your chance to learn about what is happening in the industry, think strategically about the future and talk with other pet food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers in the pet food industry.

Delivering on Our Promises For Pet Food Manufacturers

For more information, contact Sarah Novak, AFIA’s chief operating officer, at (703) 558-3574.