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4 Fun Facts on Clover and Ag

Written by: Lacie Dotterweich   |   March 17, 2020

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! We all know that four-leaf clovers bring good luck, but what else do they bring? Check out these fun facts below to find out how the feed and agriculture industries make use of this lucky plant! 




Clover is sometimes used in horse forage cubes and packaged hay. 






Clovers are a “nitrogen fixer,” meaning they take nitrogen from the air and bring it into the plant. Nitrogen is the base of the protein that clover provides – making clover an upcycler by nature. 





If livestock farmers add clover to their pastures, the resulting forage will be higher in crude protein, which means it’ll provide more protein for the animals that graze there! 







Clover adds protein to small animal diets, such as rabbits and guinea pigs. 

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