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1. Final Countdown to the Election – Still on the Fence?

With only a week left to go, both candidates are desperately vying for your vote. Early estimates show that more than 60 million Americans have already cast their votes, surpassing all 2016 early ballots submitted, and yet still, more people are waiting in socially distant lines to vote in-person early or are expected to turn out on Election Day.

Tags: Advocacy
By Leah Wilkinson
2. California Bill Will Divert Nutritious Byproducts from Feed, Hike GHG Emissions

One of the main reasons the American Feed Industry Association formed over a century ago was to harmonize state feed laws. Now, in 2020, our organization still tracks legislative and regulatory issues of importance happening at the state level, and recent actions in California highlighted yet another urgent reason why this is necessary.

Tags: Ingredients, Environmental footprint, Advocacy, Ensuring a stable food supply
By Victoria Broehm
3. Advocacy in the New Normal

What is this this “new normal” we keep hearing so much about? We’re all still trying to figure out what  “the new normal” means for each of us, but I know that I’m tired of saying it and I think we can all agree that we are tired of hearing it. However, looking through the lens of the advocacy world, the closer I look, the more it seems that not much has actually changed.

Tags: Member value, Capitol Hill, Advocacy
By Cory Harris
4. AFIA Gets to Work on Top Priorities

Last week, the American Feed Industry Association’s Board of Directors met to gavel in the new chair, induct new Board members as well as set the association’s legislative and regulatory (L&R) policy agenda for the next AFIA fiscal year, which runs from May 1, 2020-April 30, 2021. These policy priorities dictate how the eight-person L&R team will spend their time for the next year representing the animal feed and pet food industry before Capitol Hill, the White House and domestic and international regulatory bodies. The association is always nimble to adjust to the immediate policy need, like with the response to COVID-19, but these key priorities guide the association’s strategic activities to benefit the industry.

Tags: Member value, Advocacy, Federal agencies, Capitol Hill
By Victoria Broehm
5. Hemp, Antimicrobials & More: State Issues to Watch

While much of the fuss in the government affairs world is made about the federal government, state government decisions have significant impacts on the animal food industry as well. Most states have a state feed law that gives state regulators the primary authority over all animal food and ingredients.

Tags: Advocacy, Member value
By John Stewart

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