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1. The Dietary Guidelines-What Goes on Under the Plate?

I clearly remember one of my early classes as an animal science student at the University of Vermont, ASCI 141 - Feeds and Feeding. Throughout the semester, Dr. Jim Welch walked us through the formation of diets for every stage of growth, pregnancy and lactation for a number of livestock species. As earnest students, we agonized over the correct combination of forages, grains and mineral mixes to meet the exact nutrient requirements for a lactating sow or a weaned dairy calf. We carefully balanced the availability of an ingredient with its cost and benefit to the intended animal. In our homework exercises, ounces and pennies would impact our decisions and the validity of our answers. We rigorously defended our answers and challenged anyone, including Dr. Welch, to question our findings.

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By Louise Calderwood

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