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1. Valuing Circularity in Sustainable Food Systems

A circular economy seeks to design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use and regenerate natural systems. Waste reduction and food loss recovery via the utilization of coproducts and by-products has long been a component of the animal feed and pet food supply chain. As the animal food industry considers its role in climate neutrality and other sustainability outcomes, we must also advance our ability to measure and assess existing processes as well as new technologies.  

Tags: Environmental footprint, IFEEDER
By Lara Moody
2. Conversations Create Collaborations

While the Sustainable Agriculture Summit was held as a hybrid event with carefully orchestrated live and virtual content, many attendees chose to make their way to Las Vegas to participate in person. Joined by AFIA’s President and CEO Constance Cullman, I was glad to be among them. For me, conferences have always been a place to learn something new, but perhaps more importantly, to have unplanned (or planned) encounters with friends, peers, new acquaintances and future collaborators. As we all likely experienced at least once in the last 18 months, even the best virtual event cannot replace the conference networking experience.  

Tags: IFEEDER, Environmental footprint
By Lara Moody
3. Can Consumer Perspectives Impact Sustainability Actions?

The short answer to my question is: yes! In “Part 1 – Defining Sustainability” of the Institute for Feed Education and Research’s (IFEEDER) webinar series, Kim Stackhouse-Lawson, Ph.D., director of AgNext at Colorado State University, shared an important idea for agricultural sustainability efforts, which is that sustainability is driven by both science and emotion. The recent Journal of Dairy Science article “Sustainability: Different Perspectives, Inherent Conflict” offers insights on consumer perspectives that further confound sustainability discussions.

Tags: IFEEDER, Environmental footprint, Our role in ag, Dairy
By Lara Moody
4. New Industry Resources Available for Your Use

It is my pleasure to introduce the American Feed Industry Association's inaugural, "Our Industry, Our Promise" report, which provides an overview of the challenges the U.S. animal food industry is currently facing and the ways the association is delivering on its policy priorities on behalf of its 650+ members.

Tags: Member value, IFEEDER
By Victoria Broehm
5. Catalyzing Feed Industry Action for Climate

In advance of the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) happening on Thursday, Elanco Animal Health and Agri-Pulse brought together livestock industry leaders, producers and government officials through a virtual forum last week to catalyze action and encourage stakeholder engagement with the livestock industry value chain and the private sector. As I listened, I heard the comments as a call to action for the private sector, and the feed industry in particular, to provide and account for the environmental and economic value of the solutions we provide in our livestock and poultry feed.

Tags: IFEEDER, Environmental footprint, Dairy
By Lara Moody
6. A Passion for Ag & Its Long-term Viability – Meet Lara Moody

This week, I sat down with Lara Moody, the Institute for Feed Education and Research’s new executive director, to see what path led her to this role and what experiences she brings with her.  

By Lacie Dotterweich
7. Our Foundation, Our Industry, Time to Get Involved

At the Institute for Feed Education and Research, we’re actively working to launch the Sustainability Road Map project. Sustainability is something so embedded in agriculture, it almost seems unimportant to spend so much time and energy addressing the issue. I’ve been in agriculture all my life and have witnessed the huge strides made in all facets to produce more with less, while preserving our land and resources for the next generation. In the feed business, we all agree with the concept, but how do we show others we can back-up our sustainability claims?

Tags: IFEEDER, Environmental footprint, Guest perspective
By Guest
8. Standing Up the Sustainability Committee

The issue of sustainability is constantly evolving and fast moving, and the American Feed Industry Association’s organizational response and approach has been changing with it!

Tags: Environmental footprint, IFEEDER
By Sarah Novak, Lara Moody
9. A Road Map for A Sustainable Horizon

Feed production is a significant contributor to animal protein’s carbon footprint, and retailer and
consumer pressures place greater demands on suppliers to explain where products come from
and how they are produced. In the 2021 Food and Health Survey, 42% of consumers believed
individual food and beverage choices have a moderate or significant impact on the
environment and 53% said it would have a greater influence on decision making if the impact
was easier to understand.

Tags: IFEEDER, Environmental footprint
By Lara Moody
10. Sensation Doesn't Equal Truth – Another Example Arrives

“Air pollution from farms leads to 17,900 deaths per year, study finds.” It’s a catchy newspaper title reminiscent of a study from 2019 noting, “Corn pollution kills thousands of Americans a year, study finds.” These headlines surely grab your attention, but they don’t necessarily advance your understanding of the industry. Studies of this nature require models, models require a lot of assumptions, and model output and findings are only as good as the input.

Tags: IFEEDER, Environmental footprint, Our role in ag
By Lara Moody

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