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Celebrating a Half-Century of LFS

Written by: Victoria Broehm   |   September 27, 2021

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“The Liquid Feed Symposium has been successful for all these years because the multitude of people who have come and gone. … When you come here, you experience something that is bigger than yourself, and you experience an industry that has survived for many, many years and thrived during that time.”
– Wes Klett, Anipro/Xtraformance Feeds

“Everything changes so drastically…one thing you can always remember, if you’re not changing, you’re stagnant, and I think that’s been very important for a symposium like this to keep up with those changes and bring those changes to the public.”
– Mark Upton, Central Life Sciences

“Every year, I see other organizations, other conferences and symposiums that kind of flow with the wind and change and kind of fall apart, if you will, in some aspects. And the one thing that’s unique about liquid feed, and I think about this in the 50 years, if anything, it has gotten stronger and better with time.”
– T.J. Biggs, Global Animal Products Inc.

“The one thing that really makes the symposium and being part of this industry stick out is the people in it.”
-- Cathy Bandyk, Ph.D., AB Vista, Inc.

Earlier this month, the American Feed Industry Association held its 50th Liquid Feed Symposium (LFS), celebrating the rich history of liquid feed and the many years of meeting together. Our communications team developed a video that looks at the rich history of liquid feed in the United States and how LFS has evolved over the years, featuring commentary from several industry leaders. Watch the 14-minute video below!

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