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Cullman Speaks Out on Ingredient Reviews

Written by: Victoria Broehm   |   August 5, 2022

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“Despite what critics may say, the science is clear that livestock can — and should — be part of the climate change solution by quickly reducing methane emissions, a potent, but short-lived greenhouse gas produced through livestock digestion.”

This week, the American Feed Industry Association’s President and CEO Constance Cullman penned an op-ed in The Hill on the Food and Drug Administration’s “archaic” policy for reviewing environmentally beneficial animal feed and feed ingredients, which has put U.S. farmers at a competitive disadvantage globally. She said it is time for the agency to develop a solution that allows these products to come to market quickly so that farmers can use them now.

“It is time for the FDA to move forward, adopt a modernized approach to regulating these products as animal feeds and find ways to reduce review times,” she wrote.


Read the full op-ed on The Hill’s website here>>

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