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Feed 101: We Never Stop Learning

Written by: Mallory Gaines   |   February 14, 2024

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This week, the American Feed Industry Association had another successful Feed 101 learning session at the U.S. Department of Agriculture with the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) staff.   

Paul Davis, Ph.D., AFIA’s director of quality, animal food safety and education, joined me to discuss the Safe Feed/Safe Food certification program, which is a voluntary, independently certified program that animal food manufacturers can utilize to optimize their feed and pet food safety capabilities and exceed U.S. government safety regulations.  

A quick background: nearly two decades ago, the AFIA set out to develop a program that would establish and promote generally accepted food safety guidelines that help ensure continuous improvement in the delivery of a safe and wholesome feed and pet food supply for the growth and care of animals. That goal blossomed into the mission of the Safe Feed/Safe Food certification program, launched in 2004. 

Davis explained to the FAS staff the importance of this certification to the animal food industry and how the program can impact the FAS’s work. As the FAS speaks to foreign governments about market access for animal food products, product safety is often top of mind for those governments. It is crucial for foreign entities to understand that the U.S. animal food industry takes feed and pet food safety seriously and has a program that exceeds government standards, proving the industry’s diligence, commitment and abilities. 

The AFIA developed the Feed 101 program w in 2019 and has worked to educate government agency staff on what the AFIA is, who its members are, the core products we represent and specialty topics such as trade, sustainability and food safety. I appreciate the commitment of both the AFIA and FAS staff in collaborating and continuing to learn about animal food through our seminars and look forward to continuing the program and bringing trending animal food topics to FAS staff in the future.  

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