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Feed Facility of the Year Program: A Win – Win in 2024

Written by: Gary Huddleston   |   March 4, 2024

Feed Facility of the Year

Most of us enjoy performing an act of kindness that benefits someone else. Whether it is spending time working with a local charity or just simply donating to a cause, we get a warm feeling inside when we can help others. Rarely do we have an opportunity to do something that truly brings about both a personal benefit as well as a benefit to others. With the Feed Facility of the Year (FFY) program, we now do, which is a win-win for industry.  

The American Feed Industry Association’s Production Compliance Committee (PCC) recently approved changes to the AFIA FFY program, cosponsored by Feedstuffs, that will create one of those unique win-win situations. If you are an industry manufacturing facility whether a commercial dry feed manufacturer, liquid feed manufacturer, integrator feed manufacturer or a premix/ingredient manufacturer, you have an opportunity to participate in a program that will benefit both your facility as well as our beloved feed industry.  

One of the best-kept secrets within our industry is the AFIA Equipment Manufacturers Scholarship Fund. The AFIA Equipment Manufacturers Committee (EMC) began this fund many years ago. Through fundraising efforts of the EMC and a partnership with the Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER), the fund has grown tremendously, and now, seven, $5,000 scholarships are awarded annually to college students seeking careers in the feed industry. The EMC is very passionate about continuing to grow the scholarship fund and increasing the number of scholarships given annually. The feed industry will benefit when we educate more future workers.  

At its fall meeting, the PCC voted to partner with the EMC on a plan to raise more money for the scholarship fund. Beginning in 2024, all proceeds from the FFY program will be donated to the EMC Scholarship Fund. The committee’s goal is to provide funding for two or more additional annual scholarships. To be able to accomplish this goal, the committee decided to slightly increase the application fee, which is still quite a bargain considering now both the scholarship program will benefit while facilities will gain a benchmarking report on how they stack up against other industry facilities in employee safety, quality and food safety, government compliance, housekeeping, productivity and efficiency, sustainability, employee development, and community and customer relations. Meaningful benchmarking is a great way to move your facility toward continuous improvement.  

The PCC made a few other changes to the 2024 program. While the AFIA will continue to use the four distinct applications used in the past (i.e., commercial dry, liquid feed, integrator, premix/ingredient), the association will return to awarding one overall FFY. We will continue to acknowledge other special recognitions as well. The AFIA will return to presenting the overall award on-site at the winning facility, allowing for the company’s employees and community to be part of the celebration.  

So, here’s the win-win. For a small fee, you can participate in a program that can help you improve your facility as well as donate money to a scholarship fund that benefits the future of our feed industry. Where are you going to find a deal like that? Why not commit to participating in the program in 2024? 

Learn more about the FFY program and apply now by April 12!

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