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Getting Ahead of Changing International Feed Safety Standards with SF/SF

Written by: AFIA Editor   |   September 6, 2022

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Alltech has been International Safe Feed/Safe Food (SF/SF) certified since 2012. The American Feed Industry Association recently spoke with Taryn Pitman, Alltech global quality manager, about why the company participates in the program.  

What was the driving reason for your facility to pursue the SF/SF certification program?

Pitman: Obtaining the SF/SF certification supplies our customers with assurance that we are operating in such a way that meets and often exceeds the expectations of regulations/legislation. We can provide the certificate to customers as a way to assure them of food safety controls in place in our facilities. The SF/SF certification program is widely accepted by the industry. 

What has been the biggest benefit to your company?

Pitman: The certificate allows us to present basically our quality management system to our customers for qualification of supply. There are no questions as to what our program entails, as the SF/SF certification program lays out requirements of quality and safety standards. 

How has this program changed over the years?

Pitman: The program has worked hard to stay in front of changing legislation and industry needs. Moving to meet international standards as well as domestic standards have provided opportunities for continuous improvement that may not have been as quickly identified as potential improvement.  

Do you feel the program has helped your facility come into compliance with new regulations?

Pitman: Alltech, having a global presence, has the AQS – Alltech Quality System – that was developed reviewing the most applicable and stringent standards and regulations worldwide. SF/SF is one of the standards reviewed on the updates of our quality system.

Do your customers understand what it means for your facility to be SF/SF certified? 

Pitman: Yes, that is one of the certificates that are requested and accepted by customers; it is an indication that the company has the policies and procedures in place to ensure food/feed safety. 

How do you think the SF/SF program compares to other certification programs?

Pitman: SF/SF is aligned with U.S. legislation while International SF/SF is aligned with FAMI-QS. Both are specific for the animal feed industry and that is what makes them so applicable and widely accepted. 

What would you tell a company considering pursuing SF/SF certification?

Pitman: It is a great standard, very applicable to the industry we work and widely accepted by customers.

For more information on the SF/SF program, visit our new website. Read more in the SF/SF blog series here.

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