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Good Animal Nutrition = Good for Animals, Good for the Planet

Written by: Victoria Broehm   |   March 18, 2022

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Every year, the agricultural community comes together on National Ag Day to celebrate those who work tirelessly to keep our food supply stable and Americans fed. As a sponsor of this event, the American Feed Industry Association works to educate consumers about how the feed industry is working with farmers and ranchers to improve nutrition for their herds and flocks and reduce animal agriculture’s environmental footprint.

AFIA’s Paul Davis, Ph.D., director of quality, animal food safety and education, published a blog, “Formulating Feed Diets to Improve Nutrient Uptake, Reduce Environmental Footprint,” on the Ag Day website, which we encourage you to read. It explains the science behind developing feed diets for animals that ensure more of it is “ingested, digested and metabolized by the animal to turn into nutritious foods that people can eat.” He also talks about the new ingredients the industry is developing and bringing to market that will improve animal production and/or reduce enteric methane emissions in livestock and some of the regulatory bottlenecks the industry that need to be cleared so that U.S. farmers and ranchers can take advantage of these tools along with their global counterparts.

Read Davis’s full blog here>>


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