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It's a Party! Let's Conference!

Written by: Mallory Gaines   |   November 10, 2022


From left: North American Meat Institute's Eric Mittenthal, AFIA's Mallory Gaines and National Pork Board's Ashley McDonald.

Let’s have a party! How about a whole Conference of the Parties (COP)?! COP, which has been gathering for 30 years, is where the formal negotiations within the United Nations (U.N.) on Climate Change take place. COP27, being held this week in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, is where I am at representing the American Feed Industry Association. Let me explain the details of this meeting and why it’s important for U.S. agriculture to participate.

Who is invited?

EVERYONE! U.N. member nations, industry representatives and civil society will be there.

What happens at COP?

Three main things happen at COP: 1) country governments negotiate; 2) governments announce commitments, partnerships and actions; and 3) civil society has their say. At COP26, the last meeting, countries made commitments toward climate change and U.N. sustainable development goals, like the Global Methane Pledge. During this year’s COP27,  countries will give progress reports on these commitments and next year, COP28 countries will express solutions and share the results of these efforts.

When and where?  

Can’t have a party without a location and dates! As mentioned, the full COP27 meeting is being held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, from Nov. 6-18, but the AFIA will be there Nov. 8-13, including participating in Agriculture Day on Nov. 12.

Why is the AFIA going to COP?

The AFIA is working to educate stakeholders on how feed, feed additives and ingredients can provide sustainable solutions to global environmental and food security concerns. We are supporting the U.S. animal protein sector and promoting meat, milk, eggs and fish as part of healthy diets.

We recognize that food production must increase to feed a growing population, yet our impact on the environment (e.g., land degradation and methane production) should be minimized. Animal protein is nutritionally dense and imperative as part of a sustainable diet. The animal agriculture sector needs the animal feed industry to explain the role of animal nutrition in producing more with less. Feed efficiency and innovation is more important than ever and supporting AFIA member customers is key.

COP is happening all week and into next week. Look for more video blogs from me as we join this conference of the parties together!

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