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Liquid Feed Facility of the Year Offers Continuous Improvement

Written by: Guest   |   June 28, 2021


Quality Liquid Feeds won the 2019 Feed Facility of the Year liquid feed category.

By: Mikayla McKenna, AFIA communications intern

The American Feed Industry Association wants to recognize the businesses that go above and beyond to make sure they are producing the best quality feed, while also maintaining the best operations. In conjunction with Feedstuffs, the AFIA has been running the Feed Facility of the Year program for many years to recognize excellence in manufacturing in the industry and help plant managers improve their operations.

Last year, we had to take a pause on the program, due to the coronavirus pandemic, but are excited to get it going again this year, with a few small changes. The AFIA will now award the top Feed Facility of the Year in four categories (liquid feed, commercial dry, premix and ingredient, and integrator) at industry events throughout the year.

Pre-pandemic, the AFIA recognized QLF-Quality Liquid Feed Inc. as the 2019 Liquid Feed Category - Feed Facility of the Year liquid feed category award winner. Here’s what the plant manager Nick Brandon had to say about the award:

"At Quality Liquid Feeds, we feel the Liquid Feed Facility of the Year program is a great evaluation for continuous improvement. The program helps set benchmarks in specific areas where we can excel in manufacturing practices within our industry. We find value from the information outlined in the program and this is why we continue to participate each year and encourage others to apply. It was a honor to be awarded the 2019 Liquid Feed Facility of the Year. QLF has a great team of people and our efforts companywide is what made receiving the award possible."

Why should you apply or submit an application?

On the fence about applying? Here’s what Feed Facility of the Year program manager Gary Huddleston, AFIA’s director of feed manufacturing and regulatory affairs, has to say:

“Manufacturing facilities should apply to see how they compare to other similar facilities. It will help them on their journey toward continuous improvement. They also have the opportunity to be recognized for one of the individual awards (highest safety score, highest quality and food safety score, highest productivity and efficiency score) as well as the category feed facility of the year. Overall, it’s a great opportunity!”

Why not apply?

Applications are still open for the 2021 Feed Facility of the Year award for the liquid feed category until Friday, July 2.  The liquid feed winner will receive a free registration and accommodations to the 2021 Liquid Feed Symposium in Chicago Sept. 7-9. The winning facility will be recognized in front of their industry colleagues during the LFS’s 50th year of hosting the symposium – what a cool honor!

For more information about the FFY or to apply, click here.

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