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Musings from the Stands: My Reflections on Elections, Veterans, Birthdays

Written by: Leah Wilkinson   |   November 7, 2022


This week is a very important week. On Tuesday, the nation votes in the midterm election. On Friday, we give thanks to our nation’s veterans who served to protect the freedom and liberties we sometimes take for granted. (It is also my daughter’s birthday, so we will celebrate her and the joy she brings to our family.)

As I prepared for this week, I thought I’d share a few reflections and things I’m going to work on – will you join me?

  1. Be grateful.
    As we head into the voter’s booth, it can be a good time to be grateful for the freedom we have, and the responsibility we hold, to vote to elect our local, state and national leaders. By voting, we are honoring the sacrifice given by so many veterans to protect that freedom and continue to shape our nation. I hope all of you vote and are able to express some gratitude for the ability to cast that vote and live in this great country, no matter the outcome of the election.
  2. Take time to celebrate.
    Everyday life seems so busy now, especially after a couple of years of pandemic times. I know many of us go from workday to workday, then to our kids’ sporting/performance events on the weekends (yes, I wrote this while waiting for a softball game to start), and then back to work. Very rarely do I slow down enough to truly celebrate the accomplishments of our team at the American Feed Industry Association, in life or something that seems so simple as a birthday. I know I can be better at that and I’m sure some of you probably could too.
  3. Have patience.
    At some point this week, we will all be faced with a situation where we can exert some patience with a situation to get us through and be a better person on the other side. Many may wait in long lines to vote, have frustrations with logistics or supply chain issues, or deal with the challenges of raising teenage kids. As I venture into this new realm of having two teenagers in the house, I know I am going to need to remind myself often to demonstrate patience and understanding to make it through to the other side.

I hope you can sit back and enjoy this week for all that it is, no matter what the week brings. Make sure you vote and go ahead and have that piece of cake and celebrate!

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