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Nothing Iffy about IFIF and the IFRM

Written by: Mallory Gaines   |   February 9, 2023

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IFIF, or “If-If” as it is called outside the United States, is not just something you say when you are “iffy” about something. The American Feed Industry Association is not at all iffy about IFIF and its mission. The International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) provides a unified voice and leadership for the global animal feed industry. Additionally, IFIF represents the global feed community in multilateral forums such as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), World Trade Organization (WTO), World Health Organization (WHO), World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH) and the Codex Alimentarius (Codex).  

Within these international bodies, the global voice IFIF promotes is more effective than just the U.S. perspective the AFIA can bring. Just as the AFIA does, IFIF stands for science-based solutions and a balanced regulatory framework, but with the added bonus of through a multinational lens, rather than that of a singular country. IFIF is committed to expanding the global network of national and regional feed associations and the adoption of international standards and global equivalencies. The greater the global reach of IFIF, the stronger the global feed industry’s influence can become.  

One important meeting IFIF coordinates with the FAO is the International Feed Regulators Meeting (IFRM). IFIF and FAO are strong partners and the IFRM shows how the two organizations can collaborate to bring feed regulators and feed associations together from around the world.  

This year, IFRM met in Atlanta before the International Production & Processing Expo. Over 100 feed industry representatives and feed regulators from Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia, Africa, Australia, Canada, Latin America and the Middle East participated in open dialogues on animal nutrition innovations and emerging feed sources and technologies in a circular bio-economy. Participants also gained insight into feed safety certification programs that have incorporated a feed fraud component, something not previously discussed amongst international feed partners, and received updates on specific global regulatory changes.  

IFIF’s work and the AFIA’s participation in the IFRM is a key piece of the global work the AFIA does.

The AFIA can better represent its members’ interests and ability to compete globally when we can work with IFIF to positively influence feed guidelines and standards produced at FAO and Codex, work directly with foreign regulators to promote global alignment of feed regulations and meet face-to-face with our global feed association partners to commit to risk- and science-based standards, regulations and policies.  

There is nothing iffy about global collaboration and there is nothing iffy about IFIF. We thank our global partners for another productive IFRM and for the support of IFIF and their partnership with the FAO. Nothing iffy about it!  

The AFIA is committed to the work of IFIF and the IFRM. AFIA’s Constance Cullman, Leah Wilkinson, Gina Tumbarello and Mallory Gaines attended the meeting. To learn more or to get your company involved, reach out to Mallory Gaines

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