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RB Halaby – Years of Distinguished Service to the Feed Industry

Written by: AFIA Editor   |   May 13, 2021

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The American Feed Industry Association’s highest honor – the Distinguished Service Award – is only given to the elite members of the U.S. animal food industry who have provided outstanding support to the AFIA and the entire animal food industry throughout their careers.  

It is a great honor for us to recognize and thank those who have so tirelessly given their time and support. This year, we are thrilled to bestow Rurik B. “R.B.” Halaby, formerly with AgriCapital Corporation, with the 2021 Distinguished Service Award. 

R.B. has been very involved in the AFIA, serving on the AFIA Board of Directors and Executive Committee twice during his career. He was known to be very engaged and provided extremely thoughtful and sometimes challenging questions for the leadership. He was welcoming to any newcomer and passionate about building bridges across various aspects of agriculture – in short, he was “social networking” before social media existed! Hear more about R.B. below. 

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