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11. Mexico's GM Decision May Harm Animal Feed Industry

The Government of Mexico’s failure to honor to its commitments under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) regarding agricultural biotechnology will hamper investment and market access for future innovations that are key to agricultural productivity and global efforts to address climate change.

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12. Dairy Cows Recycle Valuable Nutrients in US Agricultural Byproduct Feeds

The fact that dairy cows eat agricultural byproduct feed is not news. For example, dairy cows have been recycling distiller’s grains for as long as humans have been fermenting grains and distilling ethanol from them. What IS news, however, is that dairy cows are now starting to get recognition for their role as valuable nutrient recyclers in the agricultural system because of this practice. 

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13. Rendering is Recycling

As the director of communications for the North American Renderers Association (NARA), I’ve had the opportunity to spread the word about rendering’s enormous sustainability benefits and how our industry assists many others by producing countless new goods made with rendered material – proving that rendering really is (in the literal definition of the term) recycling.

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14. Why and How Certifications Matter

The global food supply is as intertwined and integrated as it’s ever been. What happens on a feedlot in Nebraska can certainly impact a consumer in North Dakota, the same way that a broiler chicken’s diet can be the make-or-break difference to a shopper using a QR code to learn more about a particular product at the point of sale.

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15. It's Party Time!

There can be a lot of reasons to throw a party – recognizing a milestone, launching a new venture, making time to have fun with old friends, creating an informal opportunity to build business relationships, honoring an achievement, or – after months of pandemic restrictions – just celebrating the opportunity to get together!

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16. Our Foundation, Our Industry, Time to Get Involved

At the Institute for Feed Education and Research, we’re actively working to launch the Sustainability Road Map project. Sustainability is something so embedded in agriculture, it almost seems unimportant to spend so much time and energy addressing the issue. I’ve been in agriculture all my life and have witnessed the huge strides made in all facets to produce more with less, while preserving our land and resources for the next generation. In the feed business, we all agree with the concept, but how do we show others we can back-up our sustainability claims?

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17. A Parting Message From AFIA's First Virtual Chairman

My time as chair of the Board of Directors for the American Feed Industry Association has come to an end. As I reflect back, I am reminded of a Swiss army aphorism:

“If the map and the terrain disagree, trust the terrain.”

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18. The 2021 Safety Communications Landscape

There are so many aspects to consider when it comes to a company’s product safety strategy, equipment safety labeling and workplace signage. Without a doubt, designing effective safety labels and signs that address specific company or equipment needs can be a complex task. For example, once you create a system of safety labels for a piece of machinery, they need to periodically be reevaluated considering changes to the standards, new symbols and latest available safety and accident information related to equipment and the feed and grain industries.

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19. Equipment Manufacturing: Passing the Torch

As baby boomers reach retirement age and start to make plans to leave their careers behind in favor of warmer climates, recreation and much deserved rest, there is also the drawback for the companies they work for as the wealth of knowledge they possess, leaves with them. No industry is exempt from the challenges that will come with the transition of power from the baby boomers to generation X and millennials. As the torches get passed down, it is crucial that a well-thought-out succession plan exists to aid the next generation of leaders and keep them on the path to continued success with as few hiccups as possible.

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20. Feed Safety: At the Heart of Business

Animal food safety is at the heart of CPC Commodities’ business. They feed their own cattle feed that is produced with the same ingredients and processes and the company prides itself on providing quality feed that was “proven on our farm--made for yours.”  Participating in the American Feed Industry Association’s Safe Feed/Safe Food certification program is just one way that CPC Commodities helps ensure that their feed is safe and that the resulting foods that come from those animals, regardless of whether it is meat, milk or eggs are safe for human consumption. Below is a recent interview with CPC Commodities’ Regulatory Compliance Manager Michelle Estes on the certification program.

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By Victoria Broehm

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