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1. Trade Missions – What Are They and How Can They Support the Export of Animal Food?

Over the last few years, the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) has significantly expanded its support for members in international areas. Our efforts have now broadened to include developing stronger relationships with foreign and international feed associations as well as with foreign governments. In addition, we are providing education to international buyers, end-users, importers and regulators about the quality and diversity of U.S. animal feed, thereby enhancing market access for our industry. 

Tags: Vietnam, Morrocco, Global Competitiveness, China, Brazil, International Trade, Trade
By Ivy Torres
2. Gaining Insights: A First-Timer's Perspective at IPPE

The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) welcomed three new employees in the past six months: Taylor Lekin, Ivy Torres, and Madison Wyman. This past January, all three attended the International Production & Processing Expor in Atlanta, Ga., for the first time. Below, they share their experiences attending their first ever IPPE.  

Tags: IPPE, Vietnam, Education
By AFIA Editor
3. AFIA's Global Outreach: Strengthening Agricultural Trade and Policy by Collaborating with Vietnamese Trading Partners

For over a decade, the American Feed Industry Association’s (AFIA) global affairs team has diligently addressed policy, market access and market development issues to expand on and reach overseas markets that are vital for our members and the agricultural industry. Since 2019, the AFIA has been a Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) cooperator, granting the association access to funds to work on behalf of our members (at no extra cost to them), including fostering relationships in target markets with trade associations, government, buyers and end users. Much of this work is done through educational opportunities, and I am excited to share of a recent opportunity with a small delegation from Vietnam.  

Tags: Vietnam
By Ivy Torres
4. Hello from Vietnam!

The first week of October was very exciting for the American Feed Industry Association’s global affairs team. Gina Tumbarello, Mallory Gaines and I went to Vietnam to host AFIA’s first in-country program. Our Vietnam programs are made possible by AFIA’s cooperator status with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) and the funding awarded through the FAS’s Market Access Program (MAP).

Tags: Vietnam
By Ivy Torres
5. Industry Growth Relies on Untapped Markets

“If we don’t find overseas markets for our products, many farmers, many producers, go out of business.”

That was the message Daniel Whitley, administrator of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service, told the American Feed Industry Association’s Board leadership at a recent meeting. Our global policy team would strongly agree - the future of American agriculture, and the U.S. animal food industry, will be contingent on demand from beyond U.S. borders.

Tags: Trade, Federal agencies, Brazil, Russia, China, Vietnam
By Lacie Dotterweich
6. Vietnam – A Country on the Rise

From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, one cannot help but marvel at evidence of a rich and varied culture influenced by war, colonialism and communism. Overlaying all of this is intense growth fueled by a national commitment to economic liberalization and the desire to fully integrate into the world economy.

Tags: Trade, Vietnam
By Constance Cullman
7. Offset Costs On Your (or Your Importer's) Export Marketing Plans

In a time when maintaining international sales is more challenging, growing your business and diversifying risk is imperative. Taking advantage of federal programs that support this objective can provide a unique addition and complement to your global efforts.

Tags: Vietnam, International Trade
By Guest
8. We Thrive on Overcoming Trade Barriers & Creating Market Access

There is a host of internationally focused work the American Feed Industry Association does on behalf of the U.S. animal food industry, but do you know what really drives us? We thrive on overcoming barriers and finding solutions to market access constraints. Sharing your story with anyone who will (and sometimes won’t) hear is what we do!

Tags: Trade, China, Federal agencies, Policy priority series, Vietnam, Brazil
By Gina Tumbarello
9. AFIA Now Has Boots on the Ground In Vietnam

The American Feed Industry Association has expanded efforts into Vietnam - this has been many years in the making! Through the support of the Foreign Agricultural Service’s Market Access Program funds, we are now implementing market access and development programs for the U.S. animal food industry in the country. Our work in Vietnam focuses on improving the competitiveness of U.S. animal food products by educating and demonstrating the variety, efficacy, quality, viability, safety and sustainability of U.S. feed products. 

Tags: Vietnam, Trade
By Gina Tumbarello
10. Part Two: Vietnam - a Possible Antidote to Increasing Global Uncertainty

In a time of ever-changing global markets, competition and general uncertainty, keeping abreast of and open to new opportunities for U.S. animal food products can provide an alternative means for survival. In my last blog, I discussed how Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia and boasts very real, untapped potential. It warrants further investigation by the American Feed Industry Association as well as U.S. businesses interested in expanding.

Tags: Vietnam, Trade, Guest perspective, Member value
By Guest

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