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11. 4 Fun Facts on Clover and Ag

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We all know that four-leaf clovers bring good luck, but what else do they bring? Check out these fun facts to find out how the feed and agriculture industries make use of this lucky plant! 

Tags: Ingredients, Holidays, Animal nutrition
By Lacie Dotterweich
12. Dog Biscuits, the Age Old Treat with a Modern Twist

A fond memory from my childhood is of my mother at the dining table in the morning, enjoying her cup of black coffee as she doled out five dog biscuits to our little button-eyed, poodle-cross dog, Jack. For meals, Jack gobbled up his canned dog food, but his breakfast time treats were dog biscuits. There must have been some balance in the diet my mother provided to her doting dog; he traveled with our family to two continents and across seven states, living a happy and bouncy 15 years.  Mom and Jack have both been gone for a long time, but in recognition of National Dog Biscuit Day, I looked into the history of dog biscuits and the role they play in a modern dog diet.

Tags: Pets, Holidays, Animal nutrition
By Louise Calderwood
13. Spring Calving Season: A Demanding Time for Man and Beast

For the U.S. beef industry, Valentine’s Day marks heavy activity with regard to spring calving season.  Somewhat following nature’s season for birth of prey animals (think deer, elk and wild sheep), cattle producers often manage their cow herds so that calves are born about 70 days prior to some of the best grazing conditions of the year. A cow’s milk production usually peaks about that same time. During peak milk production, her nutritional demands are also greatest. Thus, spring calving season often affords the most abundant nutritional resources at a time when the cow’s nutritional needs are highest for many parts of our great nation. 

Tags: Beef, Animal nutrition
By Paul Davis, Ph.D.
14. What Do Turkeys Gobble Down?

Before we sit down to give thanks and fill our plates, let’s take a look at the dinner table. We all know what we like to eat for Thanksgiving (turkey of course!), but what are the turkeys eating? The feed industry plays a very important role in ensuring turkeys (and down the line, you!) are fed safe and nutritious food.

Tags: Turkey, Ingredients, Holidays, Animal nutrition
By Lacie Dotterweich
15. GMOs and Animal Feed: Getting the Facts

Let’s talk about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and animal feed. Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably have heard of GMOs in some capacity and have heard many misconceptions about them. Is GMO food some kind of Frankenfood? Are they safe? Will they make me sick? (No, yes and no, for the record). GMOs serve a very important purpose in the animal feed industry – providing reliable, nutritious and affordable ingredients to make animal feed.

Tags: Ingredients, Animal nutrition
By Lacie Dotterweich
16. Still a Cheesehead: How Cheese is Used in Animal Feed

Being born and raised in Wisconsin, you can bet that I’ve had my fair share of cheese. Even now, living in Arlington, Va., I still put cheese on almost everything. So, when National Cheese Month comes around in October, I get very excited. In fact, I was in Wisconsin last week to visit several American Feed Industry Association members and had a few squeaky cheese curds (along with a brat and a beer).

Tags: Ingredients, Dairy, Co-products, Holidays, Animal nutrition
By Sarah Novak
17. What's in Fido's Food Bowl and How Does It Get There?

Formulating diets for livestock and pets is no easy feat. What many people don’t know is that the making of animal food is a very scientific and specialized process. I had the opportunity to speak with Kate Jackson, Ph.D., and Trevor Faber, Ph.D., of Trouw Nutrition, on what goes into animal food and why.

Tags: Pets, Ingredients, Animal nutrition, Guest perspective
By Lacie Dotterweich
18. To Learn about Liquid Feed, You Have to Start with What It's Not

My youngest son once told the sponsor at a meeting I was speaking at that he shouldn’t let me start talking about cows, because I’d never shut up. Surely that’s a bit of an overstatement! But I do have to admit - I can get pretty passionate about the science and application of ruminant nutrition. When I have a strong message that can benefit both cattle and the people involved in raising them, I love communicating it. 

Tags: Beef, Animal nutrition, Guest perspective
By Guest
19. Feed 101: How Is Feed Made?

Welcome to AFIA’s twist on “How It’s Made,” featuring animal food! Like many of the products made on the popular TV show, the making of animal feed is a multifaceted and methodical process.

Tags: Animal nutrition, Ingredients
By Lacie Dotterweich
20. 40 Years in the Liquid Feed Industry (Almost)

Fast forward 39 years: AFIA has asked that I write a blog, for the what? This old cowboy? Well this will be interesting….

Tags: Guest perspective, Animal nutrition
By Guest

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