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1. Whole Milk Mounts Its Triumphant Comeback

When I was forwarded an article from a good friend (thanks Chad) and saw the headline – Whole Milk Mounts it’s Triumphant Comeback “Hot girls are ditching the alternatives and are going back to basics,” I figured I needed to read this. My first thought was, some of us never left whole milk (or dairy products in general), so I guess I’m not a hot girl???

Tags: Dairy
By Sarah Novak
2. Catalyzing Feed Industry Action for Climate

In advance of the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) happening on Thursday, Elanco Animal Health and Agri-Pulse brought together livestock industry leaders, producers and government officials through a virtual forum last week to catalyze action and encourage stakeholder engagement with the livestock industry value chain and the private sector. As I listened, I heard the comments as a call to action for the private sector, and the feed industry in particular, to provide and account for the environmental and economic value of the solutions we provide in our livestock and poultry feed.

Tags: IFEEDER, Environmental footprint, Dairy
By Lara Moody
3. Refrigerators: A Simple Solution to a Big Problem

Across the U.S. animal food industry, our members have gone above and beyond throughout the coronavirus pandemic to help their local communities in need – from providing food (and pet food!) donations to manufacturing hand sanitizer and other personal protective equipment at their facilities to everything in between. We recently had the opportunity to speak with one of our members – Balchem – on a “kool” project it is working on to support local communities. 

Tags: Supporting local communities, Dairy
By Victoria Broehm
4. Chinese Demand for Meat and Milk = New Export Opportunities

From the moment I started at the American Feed Industry Association, I have been consumed with all things China--the restrictions, barriers, questions, unknowns, complexities and just plain confusion of trying to get U.S. animal food products into that market.  

Tags: Trade, African swine fever, Beef, Dairy, China
By Gina Tumbarello
5. Getting Rid of Cows Is Not the Solution

I grew up in Wisconsin and as a child, vacation meant going to my grandparents’ dairy farm in Prairie du Chien to help bale (really stack) hay or feed calves. The summer after my freshman year of college, I woke up at 4:30 a.m. to drive 30 minutes to work on a dairy farm – for free! So, my love for dairy farms, dairy cows and milk, cheese and ice cream runs deep. When I saw the article, “Removal of dairy cows may reduce essential nutrient supply with little effect on greenhouse gas emission,” I knew I had to read it.

Tags: Sustainability, Dairy, Co-products
By Sarah Novak
6. The Sustainable Side of Summer's Favorite Treat

I think most people would agree that ice cream is a delicious treat year-round, but there is just something about eating an ice cream cone on a hot, summer day that makes it so much better. With this weekend marking the official start of summer and June being National Dairy Month, now is an excellent time to walk through the journey that ice cream takes from crop to cone.

Tags: Dairy, Co-products, Ingredients
By Lacie Dotterweich
7. Are Cow Bubbles Something from SciFi?

Cow bubbles - sounds like something out of science fiction, right? Wrong! Cow bubbles are not fiction nor are they from the future – they are currently helping our industry fight against misinformation on the environmental impact of cows.

Tags: Dairy, Environmental footprint
By Sarah Novak
8. It's National Milk Day! Raise a Glass to Dairy's Bright Future

Among the special days of the holiday season, National Milk Day (January 11, if you haven’t already marked your calendar) may not get the attention Christmas gifts and New Year’s kisses may attract. But the day, believed to be the anniversary of the first delivery of milk in bottles in the U.S. in 1878, is a good occasion to look at where milk stands with consumers and where it’s heading next.

Tags: Dairy, Holidays, Guest perspective
By Guest
9. Still a Cheesehead: How Cheese is Used in Animal Feed

Being born and raised in Wisconsin, you can bet that I’ve had my fair share of cheese. Even now, living in Arlington, Va., I still put cheese on almost everything. So, when National Cheese Month comes around in October, I get very excited. In fact, I was in Wisconsin last week to visit several American Feed Industry Association members and had a few squeaky cheese curds (along with a brat and a beer).

Tags: Ingredients, Dairy, Co-products, Holidays, Animal nutrition
By Sarah Novak

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