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11. Standing Up the Sustainability Committee

The issue of sustainability is constantly evolving and fast moving, and the American Feed Industry Association’s organizational response and approach has been changing with it!

Tags: Environmental footprint, IFEEDER
By Sarah Novak, Lara Moody
12. Going Back to College for a 24-Minute Lecture on Livestock and the Environment

We have all seen the headlines and had the conversations at our children’s sports games, the county fair or church regarding agriculture and saving the planet.

“Sarah, you work in agriculture, right? I was thinking about eating less meat to save the planet – what do you think?”

Tags: Environmental footprint, Online learning
By Sarah Novak
13. A Road Map for A Sustainable Horizon

Feed production is a significant contributor to animal protein’s carbon footprint, and retailer and
consumer pressures place greater demands on suppliers to explain where products come from
and how they are produced. In the 2021 Food and Health Survey, 42% of consumers believed
individual food and beverage choices have a moderate or significant impact on the
environment and 53% said it would have a greater influence on decision making if the impact
was easier to understand.

Tags: IFEEDER, Environmental footprint
By Lara Moody
14. Sensation Doesn't Equal Truth – Another Example Arrives

“Air pollution from farms leads to 17,900 deaths per year, study finds.” It’s a catchy newspaper title reminiscent of a study from 2019 noting, “Corn pollution kills thousands of Americans a year, study finds.” These headlines surely grab your attention, but they don’t necessarily advance your understanding of the industry. Studies of this nature require models, models require a lot of assumptions, and model output and findings are only as good as the input.

Tags: IFEEDER, Environmental footprint, Our role in ag
By Lara Moody
15. If You Want to Go Far, Go Together

It is an honor to begin my new role as chair of the American Feed Industry Association Board of Directors. The opportunity to serve in this position is both exciting and humbling. 

Although I was raised in northern Indiana, my early years did not provide me with an awareness of the feed industry. Driving through soybean fields, eating sweet corn from roadside stands and the yearly visit to the “you-pick” strawberry patch was the limit of my exposure to the agricultural industry. My introduction ended up being through a random conversation leading to an entry-level job opportunity with a local agricultural equipment manufacturer, Laidig Systems, Inc. in Mishawaka, Ind. Over 40 years later, it is difficult to imagine serving a more rewarding industry.    

Tags: Capitol Hill, Advocacy, Environmental footprint, IFEEDER
By Guest
16. Speaking Up for Animal Ag at the Alliance's Dialogue

Last week, the Animal Agriculture Alliance brought together over 100 individuals representing a cross section of the U.S. food and agriculture industry to openly discuss the diverse challenges that are preventing affordable, animal-sourced foods from reaching those who need it most. What participants said was astounding – that many of the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as ending global hunger or reducing our environmental impact, are within reach with the game-changing, sustainable solutions already in the pipeline. 

Tags: Environmental footprint, Our role in ag
By Victoria Broehm
17. We Love the Steak, But What About the Other Parts?

Recently, we read an article about an organization in the United Kingdom that launched a program, “Organuary,” to promote consumer awareness and the human consumption of organ meats, citing their nutritional and environmental benefits. It’s an interesting concept.

Tags: Beef, Co-products, Environmental footprint
By Paul Davis, Ph.D., Sarah Novak
18. We Must Engage...or Let Others Set Our Agenda

The United Nations is known for holding large meetings and frequently, we don’t feel the impact of what they do – but its latest Food Systems Summit is not one of those times.

Tags: Trade, Our role in ag, Environmental footprint, Member value
By Constance Cullman
19. What is the Buzz About Bugs?

Any pet owner who has watched as their dog or cat snapped at a fly or chased a grasshopper and then happily gobbled up the insect has probably inwardly grimaced as the pet crunched on the critter. Even knowing the insect is a good source of balanced protein can still make it hard to overcome the “ewww” factor of eating mealworms and crickets. In the United States, black soldier fly larvae can be fed to poultry, swine and certain types of fish in their diets and also sold for use as treats or snacks for pets.

Tags: Ingredients, Pets, Environmental footprint
By Louise Calderwood
20. How One Person Continues to Inspire Big Ideas

We’ve all read the studies that say in order to stay on top of our game, we must make time to reflect, relax and recharge. We must continue to read and learn new things and connect with those who inspire and challenge us. For me, I have made a point of taking time every year to do just that – by participating in the World Food Prize.

Tags: Environmental footprint, Our role in ag, IFEEDER
By Rob Cooper

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