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1. Mountaire Farms Views Safe Feed/Safe Food as 'Gold Standard'

What is now the fourth largest chicken processing company in the United States, started as a small feed company in 1914 in Little Rock, Ark. Mountaire Farms, family owned and operated, attributes their many years of success to their commitment to customers with quality products and exceptional service. Key to this commitment is their Safe Feed/Safe Food (SF/SF) certified status.

Tags: Safe Feed Safe Food, Feed safety
By Guest
2. Food Safety Requires Formaldehyde

Are you aware that formaldehyde is an important feed additive for reducing virus risks, which the Environmental Protection Agency is currently trying to ban? First, let me explain why formaldehyde is in animal food and then I will discuss how the EPA’s current regulations may impact its safe use in animal food manufacturing in the future.

Tags: Feed safety, Federal agencies
By Gary Huddleston
3. No, There Isn't a Conspiracy Around Chicken Feed and Reduced Egg Production

This past week, there have been an uptick in social media videos and news stories perpetuating false claims about commercial chicken feed and its impact on the availability and price of eggs. To better understand how diet relates to a hen’s egg output, I spoke with our resident animal nutritionist, Paul Davis, Ph.D. Davis has a doctorate in animal nutrition and the added benefit of being able to tap into fellow nutrition experts’ knowledge on the American Feed Industry Association Nutrition Committee. Below is a summary of this conversation, responding to some of these claims.

Tags: Eggs, Feed safety
By Victoria Broehm
4. Animal Food Safety Requires Knowledgeable Coaching

College football fans know that a successful team requires a knowledgeable head coach. But how many assistant coaches do you think most college football teams have? And how does this compare to animal food safety?

Tags: Feed safety, Education
By Gary Huddleston
5. Animal Food Safety is Team Sport

It has been a magical season for my beloved Tennessee Volunteers football team. While they still have some work to do on the defensive side of the ball, the offense has run like a well-oiled machine. In 12 games, they scored a total of 568 points, an average of 47.3 points per game!

Tags: Feed safety
By Gary Huddleston
6. Getting Ahead of Changing International Feed Safety Standards with SF/SF

Alltech has been International Safe Feed/Safe Food (SF/SF) certified since 2012. The American Feed Industry Association recently spoke with Taryn Pitman, Alltech global quality manager, about why the company participates in the program. 

Tags: Feed safety, Safe Feed Safe Food
By AFIA Editor
7. Has COVID-19 Improved Feed Industry Biosecurity Programs?

Biosecurity is often defined as procedures intended to protect humans or animals against disease or harmful biological agents. For the animal food industry, biosecurity manifests as putting in place plans or programs intended to prevent feed, people and vehicles from introducing and/or spreading pathogens to livestock and poultry.

Tags: Feed safety, African swine fever
By Paul Davis, Ph.D.
8. Kudos to KNG's Mason Plant

At today's Feed Education Program, the American Feed Industry Association, in partnership with Feedstuffs, named Kent Nutrition Group’s (KNG) Mason, Mich., plant as its 2021 Commercial Dry Feed Facility of the Year. 

Tags: Feed Facility of the Year, Feed safety
By AFIA Editor
9. Earning Trust with Customers Through SF/SF

Zinpro Corporation, a manufacturer of trace mineral nutritional solutions, has been FSC36 Safe Feed/Safe Food (SF/SF) certified since the American Feed Industry Association launched the program in 2005. In 2019, the company switched to the International SF/SF certification. In a recent article for Pet Food Processing, AFIA’s Paul Davis, Ph.D., director of quality, animal food safety and education, who oversees the SF/SF certification program, spoke with Zinpro’s quality assurance manager Fred Molenaar about why the company continues its participation in the program and some of the changes he has seen over the years. 

Tags: Feed safety, Safe Feed Safe Food
By Victoria Broehm
10. Why and How Certifications Matter

The global food supply is as intertwined and integrated as it’s ever been. What happens on a feedlot in Nebraska can certainly impact a consumer in North Dakota, the same way that a broiler chicken’s diet can be the make-or-break difference to a shopper using a QR code to learn more about a particular product at the point of sale.

Tags: Feed safety, Guest perspective, Safe Feed Safe Food
By Guest

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