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1. A Love Letter to AFIA Events

One of my favorite parts of my job working at the American Feed Industry Association is getting to see members at our events. While I enjoy my day to day duties of keeping up with issues affecting animal food manufacturers and writing newsletters, blogs, social media posts, etc., it really hits home when I am able to meet and get to know the people I am helping. It also doesn't hurt that we have the NICEST and friendliest members!

Tags: Member value, Education
By Lacie Dotterweich
2. Cybersecurity - Life Is Stranger Than Fiction

From comedy to drama, computers have provided rich themes for movies for nearly 60 years from bringing about the end of the world with a computerized nuclear program using the slapstick humor of “Dr. Strangelove” (1963) to the drama of “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968). For many businesses, 2021 has been the year that the reality of cybersecurity became stranger than fiction as data was encrypted and ransoms were paid in the wake of several high profile cyberattacks. It is time for business of all sizes to address computer safety and take steps to protect their data and wallets from cyber criminals.

Tags: Member value
By Louise Calderwood
3. New Industry Resources Available for Your Use

It is my pleasure to introduce the American Feed Industry Association's inaugural, "Our Industry, Our Promise" report, which provides an overview of the challenges the U.S. animal food industry is currently facing and the ways the association is delivering on its policy priorities on behalf of its 650+ members.

Tags: Member value, IFEEDER
By Victoria Broehm
4. Plane Hopping for AFIA

During my frequent business travels in 2019 I developed a rating system for airport bathrooms that ranked stall size, placement of hooks and shelves, accessibility to soap, hand drying features, cleanliness and décor. Southwest Regional ranked top of the list, Dulles a dismal bottom. Recently, I had the opportunity to dust off my scoring system as I travelled, fully masked and vaccinated, through five different airports in six days in service to our members.

Tags: Member value, Pets
By Louise Calderwood
5. We Can Help with Your Facility Energy Use

Have you ever walked through your plant on a weekend when no one was there and no production was happening? What did you see and hear? If you were lucky, you will be like the monkey and “see no evil, hear no evil.” But more than likely, you probably heard the low hiss of air leaks and saw evidence of steam leaks and steam trap malfunctions. Have you ever stopped to think about how much this “evil” could be costing your plant in wasted energy?

Tags: Member value, Environmental footprint
By Gary Huddleston
6. My Summer With AFIA

As July 9 suddenly sneaks up on me, my summer with the American Feed Industry Association as their 2021 summer communications intern is coming to an end. I have much to reflect and look back on. I feel like my summer had just begun, but then I blinked, and now I am saying (virtually) goodbye to the staff members here.

Tags: Member value
By Guest
7. Our 2021-22 To-Do List

With the kick-off of the American Feed Industry Association’s new fiscal year comes new priorities within the legislative and regulatory areas as set by the association’s Board of Directors. These priorities set the course for our work advocating on behalf of the membership at the state, federal and international levels. Here is a brief overview of the categories we will focus on this year.

Tags: Capitol Hill, Federal agencies, Advocacy, Trade, Ingredients, Member value, Policy priority series
By Leah Wilkinson
8. A Parting Message From AFIA's First Virtual Chairman

My time as chair of the Board of Directors for the American Feed Industry Association has come to an end. As I reflect back, I am reminded of a Swiss army aphorism:

“If the map and the terrain disagree, trust the terrain.”

Tags: Member value, Guest perspective
By Guest
9. Bill McLean Recognized for Lifetime of Achievements

A lifetime of achievement – what a feat! Not many can say they have been recognized for their lifetime achievements. Today, a new individual joins the ranks.  

Tags: Member value
By AFIA Editor
10. Steve Kopperud Named Honorary Board Director

This year, the American Feed Industry Association has a new honor to bestow. For the first time, the AFIA Board of Directors posthumously names an honorary board director – Steve Kopperud of SLK Strategies.  

Tags: Member value
By AFIA Editor

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