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1. Lessons Feed Industry Can Learn from California's Prop 12

Ahh the Golden State – California. A state known for its picturesque beaches, its tall redwood trees and its laid-back West Coast style. It is also known for its active and connected grassroots networks that lobby for ballot initiatives aimed at chipping away at U.S. production agriculture, with little benefit to animal health and welfare, but at a huge cost to farmers and consumers. 

Tags: Pork, PISC
By Victoria Broehm
2. Thankful for Bacon

As we near that time of year when we think of all the things we have in our lives to be thankful for, I often think of our ancestors who came to America. I imagine the hardships we have all read about as they slowly crossed our country and found a place to become their home.

Tags: Pork, Holidays, Guest perspective
By Guest
3. Seeing Is Believing: How Opening Up a Pig Farm Educates Public, Future Ag

Belstra Milling has long held the notion that it’s important to educate others about our part in producing their food. I think a lot of this goes back to my dad who gave many folks a “nickel tour” of our feed mill. 

Tags: Pork, Guest perspective, Our role in ag
By Guest

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