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1. Meet AFIA's Madison Wyman

I am delighted to share that the American Feed Industry Association has hired its first policy communications specialist, which will be vital in helping our legislative, regulatory and policy team better communicate members’ priorities to key policymakers. Madison Wyman is a recent graduate of Furman University, where she received a bachelor’s degree in politics and international affairs and communication studies last May. She has broad government affairs and communications experience and a passion for advocacy, as evident in her recent move to Washington, D.C. Learn more about her below.

Tags: Sustainability
By Victoria Broehm
2. Livestock's Long Shadow Is Not Dead

As I tell my teenagers, what you post on social media or on the internet never goes away, so be careful what you do! So is true with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations 2006 report, Livestock’s Long Shadow. No matter how many times this data has been debunked by scientists (here, here and here), the original data is still out there and being used!  

Tags: Sustainability
By Sarah Novak
3. Revisiting the 7 R's of Feed Additives for Sustainable Methane Mitigation

In 1991, Dr. Mike Hutjens, emeritus professor in the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois, defined four key factors for evaluating feed additives: Response, Returns, Research and Results (Hutjens, 1991). Dr. Hutjens later added 3 additional Rs for industry professionals to consider: Repeatability, Reliability and Relativity. Feed additives that claim to reduce methane emissions from cattle will emerge as potential tools to mitigate climate change. The pressure to consider their use will be significant. However, we must consider these seven Rs when evaluating the efficacy, economics and safety of feed additives to inhibit enteric methane emissions from cattle without impacting animal performance, farm profitability or consumer acceptance of the technology.

Tags: Sustainability, Dairy, Ingredients
By Guest
4. Getting Rid of Cows Is Not the Solution

I grew up in Wisconsin and as a child, vacation meant going to my grandparents’ dairy farm in Prairie du Chien to help bale (really stack) hay or feed calves. The summer after my freshman year of college, I woke up at 4:30 a.m. to drive 30 minutes to work on a dairy farm – for free! So, my love for dairy farms, dairy cows and milk, cheese and ice cream runs deep. When I saw the article, “Removal of dairy cows may reduce essential nutrient supply with little effect on greenhouse gas emission,” I knew I had to read it.

Tags: Sustainability, Dairy, Co-products
By Sarah Novak

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