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1. Feed and Feed Ingredients Are Not the "Big Stool Leg" Spreading Viruses to Pig Farms!

Who has not experienced an upset digestive system after eating or drinking something questionable? We all recognize that if food or water becomes contaminated with a pathogen, we can get sick after consuming it. It is the same for livestock. If the feed we deliver to the pig barn is contaminated with a virus, pigs could get sick after eating it.

Tags: African swine fever response, ag & food research, biosecurity, feed & food safety
By Guest
2. New Research Project to Investigate Feed Mill Decontamination in the Event of an ASF Outbreak

The Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER), Animal Nutrition Association of Canada (ANAC) and United Soybean Board (USB) have joined with the Swine Health Information Center (SHIC) to launch a research project that will evaluate several methods for cleaning and disinfecting feed mills following a potential African swine fever (ASF) outbreak. 

Tags: African swine fever, Biosecurity
By Victoria Broehm, Director of Communications

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