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11. Goldfish-Feeding Them for Life!

For many children, a goldfish is their first foray into the joy and pain of pet ownership. I remember my first little goldfish, Comet, darting about his bowl, a gift for my eighth birthday. I also remember my older sisters trying to replace his upside-down floating body with a new fish before I learned of his demise. However, I wasn’t to be fooled and tears flowed for days afterwards.  

Tags: Pets
By Louise Calderwood
12. Reconnecting at the AFIA Pet Food Conference

In late January, the American Feed Industry Association held its annual Pet Food Conference, where we recognized our “Friends of Pet Food” award winners and discussed several emerging topics in the burgeoning pet food space.

Tags: Pet Food Conference, Pets
By Louise Calderwood
13. Congrats to Our 2022 Pet Health Innovators!

Congratulations to this year's AFIA Friend of Pet Food Award winners - George Fahey, Ph.D., of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UI) and Dennis Jewell, Ph.D., formerly of Hill's Pet Nutrition. 

Tags: Pet Food, Member value, Pets
By AFIA Editor
14. Plane Hopping for AFIA

During my frequent business travels in 2019 I developed a rating system for airport bathrooms that ranked stall size, placement of hooks and shelves, accessibility to soap, hand drying features, cleanliness and décor. Southwest Regional ranked top of the list, Dulles a dismal bottom. Recently, I had the opportunity to dust off my scoring system as I travelled, fully masked and vaccinated, through five different airports in six days in service to our members.

Tags: Member value, Pets
By Louise Calderwood
15. One Paw Ahead of the Curve

On Tuesday, more than 200 professionals across the pet food industry gathered virtually for the American Feed Industry Association’s 14th annual Pet Food Conference. Given that over the past year we have all faced challenges navigating the unrelenting coronavirus pandemic, it was uplifting to hear from several experts who said the pet food industry remains a bright spot for U.S. businesses and pet owners. 

Tags: Pets, IPPE, Federal agencies
By Victoria Broehm
16. Making Safe and Nutritious Pet Food Possible

Every year, new research and innovation comes forward to improve pet health and nutrition. At the American Feed Industry Association’s Pet Food Conference yesterday, we had the opportunity to recognize two of our industry colleagues who have helped make pet food safe and nutritious. Through the Friend of Pet Food Award, AFIA is able to recognize those who are making significant contributions to support the growth of the pet food industry. It is our pleasure to thank 2021’s amazing individuals! Hear what some of their industry peers had to say about these award winners below.

Tags: Pets, IPPE
By Lacie Dotterweich
17. What is the Buzz About Bugs?

Any pet owner who has watched as their dog or cat snapped at a fly or chased a grasshopper and then happily gobbled up the insect has probably inwardly grimaced as the pet crunched on the critter. Even knowing the insect is a good source of balanced protein can still make it hard to overcome the “ewww” factor of eating mealworms and crickets. In the United States, black soldier fly larvae can be fed to poultry, swine and certain types of fish in their diets and also sold for use as treats or snacks for pets.

Tags: Ingredients, Pets, Environmental footprint
By Louise Calderwood
18. Our Favorite Halloween-Themed Feed Facts

Halloween is one of our staff's all-time favorite holidays. We love everything about it – the candy, costumes, scary stories, haunted houses – you name it! Our communications team made some spooky #FeedFacts, which you are welcome to share on social media. Happy Halloween from the American Feed Industry Association!

Tags: Holidays, Pets, Ingredients, Animal nutrition
By AFIA Editor
19. New Animations Show Diversity of Pet Food Ingredients

Earlier this year, the animal food industry released a really great research report chock-full of information about America’s pet food manufacturing industry. The Institute for Feed Education and Research and American Feed Industry Association have been sharing this information to interested stakeholders far and wide, telling the story of how the country’s 500+ pet food manufacturers not only provide balanced, safe meals for America’s dogs and cats, but also stimulate the overall agricultural economy through the purchase of ingredients, labor and services from related industries.

Tags: Pets, IFEEDER, Our role in ag
By Lacie Dotterweich
20. Friends of Pet Food, Friends in Life

This past January, the American Feed Industry Association celebrated the launch of the Friend of Pet Food Award by recognizing Gail Kuhlman, Ph.D., and Kate Shoveller, Ph.D., for their achievements in support of companion animal nutrition. With AFIA’s Pet Food Committee all ready to begin the process of selecting the award winners for 2021, I wanted to highlight our inaugural winners and share the importance of their work.

Tags: Member value, Pets
By Louise Calderwood

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