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1. Experts Speak: Where Are Market Opportunities for U.S. Feed Products?

At the recent American Feed Industry Association Purchasing and Ingredient Suppliers Conference (PISC), we heard several speakers share their views on what the future holds for feed and pet food products at home and abroad.

Tags: Trade, China, Pigs, PISC
By Lacie Dotterweich & Victoria Broehm
2. Better Buy Bacon

If Dr. Cassie Jones’ presentation on African swine fever (ASF) at last week’s Purchasing and Ingredient Suppliers Conference didn’t scare you, then I really don’t know what will! Jones, the undergraduate research coordinator in Kansas State University’s Department of Animal Sciences and Industry, gave a chilling update on the status of the virus that has ravaged parts of the Eastern Hemisphere over the past three years.

Tags: African swine fever, Pigs
By Lacie Dotterweich
3. Back at a Trade Show!

If someone told me when I was attending the January 2020 International Production & Processing Expo that I wouldn’t be attending another agricultural tradeshow until June 2021, I would have laughed. I’ve been attending various agricultural events for many, many years.  

Tags: Pigs, Education
By Sarah Novak
4. Behind the Bacon: Making Sustainability a Focus in Pork Production

Animal agriculture is taking sustainability seriously and is making great strides in reducing its footprint and taking care of animals. To commemorate National Pork Month, or Porktober, as it’s affectionately known as, I would like to share how this important sector of the agricultural industry is committing itself to taking care of both animals and our planet.

Tags: Pigs, Environmental footprint, Holidays
By Lacie Dotterweich

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