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1. U.S. Agriculture: A Legacy of Sustainability and Growth

The American Feed Industry Association recently joined the U.S. Sustainability Alliance (USSA), which is a group of associations across the farming, fisheries and forestry industries. USSA was founded in 2013 and advocates for sustainable U.S. food and agricultural production, while supporting producers through global promotion of sustainable products and sharing of knowledge for optimal use of natural resources.

Tags: Sustainability, Growth, USSA, Policy, Water, Climate Commitment, Feed Industry
By Sarah Novak
2. Welcome to the COP Circus

Often, people refer to the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference (COP) as a “three-ring circus” because of all the happenings that take place there. This year’s COP28, held in Dubai, was no different. We held our breath as countries’ policy positions reached new heights, knowledge sharing walked a tightrope, and the COP presidency declarations became the only elephant in the room. The American Feed Industry Association’s Constance Cullman and I were not only spectators of the multilateral meeting, but also active participants. 

Tags: Trade, global, policy
By Mallory Gaines

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