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1. Empowering Agriculture's Next Generation: Insights from USDA's 100th Outlook Forum

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) held its 100th Agricultural Outlook Forum last week, themed “Cultivating the Future,” with the key message of investing in the next generation of leadership in the agriculture field. I walked away with a better understanding of investing in the next generation of ag leaders, the importance of sustainability and innovation and a call to support farmers on all scales. 

Tags: regulatory, legislative, Sustainability, Supporting local communities
By Madison Wyman
2. Navigating Washington for the Animal Food Industry

In the U.S. political landscape, the impending arrival of 2024 carries immense significance for legislative bodies at every level. As a pivotal year divisible by four, it heralds the onset of a multitude of electoral processes. Chief among these is the presidential election, an event that invariably captures the attention of the nation and sets the course for its future trajectory. Beyond the presidency, the electoral stage is set for the renewal of the House of Representatives, with all 435 seats up for grabs. Simultaneously, the Senate will see 33 regular seats, alongside an additional special election, collectively shaping the balance of power and influencing the legislative agenda for years to come. Additionally, there are gubernatorial races in 11 states that add another layer of complexity to the electoral landscape, as voters weigh competing visions for state governance and leadership.  

Tags: legislative, regulatory, Capitol Hill, Innovative FEED Act, formaldehyde
By Leah Wilkinson
3. The State of State Issues: Busy Season is Upon Us

Every January, the “in-session” map on our state legislative and regulatory tracking service starts to light up as most state legislatures open for business. By mid-February, 45 states are in regular session and one state is in a special session. These next few months, we will certainly be busy tracking bills and working with state and regional associations to minimize negative impacts brought on the industry by overly ambitious legislators.

Tags: state issues, legislative, regulatory
By Louise Calderwood

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